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Starting out: The Trompowsky Attack
Titel: Starting out: The Trompowsky Attack
Auteur: Palliser
Uitgever: Everyman Chess
Jaartal: 2009
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's:   269
Verkoopprijs:   Ä 19.00
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The Trompowsky Attack is well known as an ambitious and aggressive opening. Initially an offbeat line favoured by club players, in recent history it has undergone somewhat of a transformation. Thanks to the efforts and innovations of Grandmasters such as Mickey Adams and Julian Hodgson, it has been fine-tuned into a powerful attacking weapon, and today it is seen as an important mainline opening in its own right. The Trompowsky leads to diverse positions, sharp or positional, and it also allows both sides to play creatively from the very early stages of the game. In this book, Richard Palliser studies the Trompowsky by going back to basics, introducing the key moves and ideas, and taking care to explain the reasoning behind them - something that has often been neglected or taken for granted.

Everyman Chess's Starting Out series has firmly established itself as the leading guide to studying openings for up-and-coming players. These books are distinguished by their easy-to-read layout, the lucid explanations of the fundamentals, and the abundance of notes, tips and warnings to help the reader absorb vital ideas. Starting Out opening books are ideal for enthusiastic chess players who have little experience of the openings in question and who wish to appreciate the essential principles behind them.

  • Written by a Trompowsky expert
  • All the main lines are covered
  • Ideal for improvers, club players and tournament players

Richard Palliser is an International Master with numerous tournament successes to his name, and in 2006 he became Joint British Rapidplay Champion. He has already established a reputation as a skilled and prolific chess writer; previous works for Everyman Chess include Starting Out: Sicilian Najdorf and Beating Unusual Chess Openings , both of which were warmly received by the critics and chess public alike.

004 Bibliography

005 Introduction

009 1 The Classical 2 ...d5

039 2 2 ...g6 and Minor Lines

054 3 The Positional Choice: 2 ...e6

100 4 The Uncompromising 2 ...c5

142 5 The Popular 2 ...Ne4

163 6 The Modern Preference: 2 ...Ne4 3 Bf4

201 7 The Main Line: 2 ..Ne4 3Bf4 c5

260 Index of Variations

268 Index of Complete Games

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