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My Best Games Vol 1 : Games with White
Titel: My Best Games Vol 1 : Games with White
Auteur: Korchnoi V.
Jaartal: 2002
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's:   208
Verkoopprijs:   Ä 33.00
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007 Foreword by Victor Korchnoi
008 Preface by Genna Sosonko

013 1 Kamyshov, Chigorin Memorial Tournament Leningrad 1951
016 2 Suetin, USSR Team Championship, Leningrad 1953
020 3 Geller, 21st USSR Championship, Kiev 1954
023 4 Chekhover, Leningrad Championship 1955
026 5 Ivkov, Hastings 1955/56
029 6 Karaklajic, Match USSR v. Yugoslavia, Kiev 1959
031 7 Sakharov, Semi-Final, 27th USSR Championship, Chelyabinsk 1959
035 8 Gligoric, Buenos Aires 1980
038 9 Botvinnik, Match Leningrad v. Moscow 1960
042 10 Filip, Interzonal Tournament, Stockholm 1962
047 11 Tal, 30th USSR Championship, Yerevan 1962
052 12 Robatsch, Havana 1963
056 13 Udovcic, Leningrad 1967
059 14 Tal, Wijk aan Zee 1968
062 15 Reshevsky, Candidates Quarter-Final Match, 6th Game, Amsterdam 1968
065 16 Balashov, Moscow 1971
068 17 Karpov, Hastings 1971-72
071 18 HŁbner, Interzonal Tournament, Leningrad 1973
074 19 Karpov, Final Candidates Match, 21st Game, Moscow 1974
076 20 Petrosian, Alekhine Memorial Tournament, Moscow 1975
082 21 Spassky, Final Candidates Match, 7th Game, Belgrade 1977
086 22 Karpov, World Championship Match, 21st Game, Baguio 1978
091 23 Ljubojevic, London 1980
095 24 Yusupov, Lone Pine 1981
100 25 HŁbner, Johannesburg 1981
103 26 Portisch, Candidates Quarter-Final Match, 3rd Game, Bad Kissingen 1983
107 27 Miles, Wijk aan Zee 1984
110 28 Polugaevsky, USSR v. Rest of the World, London 1984
114 29 Hort, Biel 1984
118 30 Pannop, World Team Championship, Lucerne 1985
122 31 Seirawan, Lugano Open 1986
127 32 Nogueiras, Wijk aan Zee 1987
133 33 Arnason, Beer Sheva 1987
138 34 Pinter, Beer Sheva 1988
142 35 Timman, Brussels (World Cup) 1988
145 36 Vaganian, Skelleftea (World Cup) 1989
150 37 Greenfeld, Beer Sheva 1990
153 38 Short, Rotterdam 1990
160 39 M. Gurevich, Rotterdam 1990
164 40 Shirov, Buenos Aires 1993
168 41 Nijboer, Team Event, Holland 1993
171 42 Onischuk, Wijk aan Zee 1997
174 43 Svidler, St Petersburg 1997
177 44 Bacrot, Match, Albert (France) 1997, 4th Game
181 45 Ponomariov, 'Veterans against young talents', Cannes 1998
186 46 Piket, Sarajevo 1998
192 47 Lputian, Sarajevo 1998
196 48 Kozul, Sarajevo 1998
200 49 Dolmatov, FIDE World Championship, Las Vegas 1999
203 50 Giorgadze, European Team Championship, Batumi 1999

207 Index of Openings
208 Index of Opponents  

Catalogue text:

This book gives Korchnoi's best games with White, which are particularly noteworthy for his original methods of fighting for the initiative.

"Korchnoi's master trick is to persuade the reader that he plays chess in much the way you and I do. Realistic or not, such an approach is well calculated to send the reader back to the chessboard with a determination to improve..."
Chris Ravilious in CHESS

"This work is one of the few that deserves to sit on the shelf alongside such classics as Fischer's Sixty Memorable Games and Tal's Life and Games. In fact, it should probably take pride of place as it is likely to be of far more practical use to the vast majority of chess players who, like the author, would not claim to be chess geniuses. Although we know he is, of course... This book is a reminder that there is still one live dinosaur out there in Caissic Park. And he's still got very sharp teeth."
British Chess Magazine

Victor Korchnoi has defeated all the world champions, beginning with Botvinnik, and all the strongest players of the present and the past. Not only from this generation, but even from the following one. I can't nearly wait for the next volume! Highly recommended!
John Elburg 's Book Reviews


"Edition Olms has published this collection of my selected games in two volumes: Volume 1 - fifty games where I played White, and Volume 2 - fifty of my 'Black' games. A young grandmaster compiling such a book probably have to rack his brains over where to find a hundred games that he had won. But I had to choose one hundred games out of roughly two thousand that I have won... Not everyone approved of my choice. Sometimes even the translator of these books was surprised. I must tell the reader about the criteria by which I selected these games.

The games cover a period of half a century - from 1951 to the year two thousand. The first criterion by which I was guided was that the games should be more or less evenly spread over the entire five decades.

I have played against players of four generations, and against hundreds of masters and grandmasters. My second most important criterion was definitely to give games against representatives of all four generations. And in general: the more opponents, the better!

In my career I have played dozens of diverse opening positions. There are many different aspects to chess, and I wanted to reflect this in my book. Avoid repetition! The greater the number of positions, dissimilar one from another, the better!

The fourth criterion - only the fourth - was the quality of the games. They should contain few bad mistakes, especially by me. However, they had to be fighting games, not those where the play is all one way. Well, and in a fierce struggle, mistakes are inevitable...

And one more thing. Chess is my life, and these games are fragments of this life. And, naturally, I wanted to accompany each such fragment with a conversation with chess enthusiasts. If during the course of a game I found there was nothing to disclose to the readers, I rejected it, however good the game!

Whether I have succeeded with my book, it is not clear. But I very much hope that, as he delves into it, the reader will not be bored..."

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