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Chess Combinations: the improving player's puzzle book
Titel: Chess Combinations: the improving player's puzzle book
Auteur: Walker J.
Jaartal: 1999
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's:   128
Verkoopprijs:   Ä 18.00
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A feast of exciting and instructive chess positions for you to solve!

Acclaimed author John Walker presents a unique chess puzzle challenge. First all the necessary techniques are carefully explained, then it is just like a competitive game: your task is to find the best move, whether it is a brilliant mating finish, or a sensible, calm plan.

Carefully graded exercises help you assess and improve your skill

Clues are provided for the trickier puzzles

Puts you into real game situations

This book is the latest of John Walker's best-selling series aimed at young and improving players. Once again he provides excellent training in an enjoyable form.

John Walker, several times Chess Champion of Oxfordshire, is a schoolteacher who has taught chess to children for many years. His accessible writing style has gained him many fans. He is also the author of several other popular Cadogan instructional works including Attacking the King, Chess Openings for Juniors and Winning in the Opening.

List of Content

004 Notation and Symbols

006 What is a Combination?

008 Why Solve Combination Puzzles?

010 How to Tackle the Puzzles

012 Tactical Weapons

017 Tactical Weapons Tests

025 Target King!

029 Target King Tests

037 Dealing with Defenders

041 Dealing with Defenders Tests

049 At the Death

053 At the Death Tests

061 The Tests

062 Scorechart

063 Tests 01 - 32

127 It's All in the Mind!

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