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Three days with Bobby Fischer
Titel: Three days with Bobby Fischer
Auteur: Alburt L. & Lawrence A.
Jaartal: 2003
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's:   285
Verkoopprijs:   Ä 30.00
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Three Days with Bobby Fischer and other chess essays: How to Meet Champions and Choose Your Openings is a chess book you can sit back comfortably in your armchair and just read. Or, when you feel like getting the pieces out of the box and learning from some great games, tactics and strategies-that's all here as well.

Nearly everyone with an interest in chess shares the same two questions:

What were the great champions like?

How can I choose opening moves that give me a good game?

Chess Hall-of-Famer and three-time U.S. champion Lev Alburt teams up with World Chess Hall of Fame Executive Director and Chess Journalist of the Year Award winner Al Lawrence to answer these questions-and to tell the intriguing, inspiring and sometimes downright bizarre behind-the-scenes stories of the chess greats and near-greats, and how, above all else, they were men of their times.

Steinitz, who codified the rules of good play-before going berserk. Lasker, the chessboard Freudian who wielded psychological weapons. Capablanca, dashingly handsome and to whom everything came easy. Alekhine, a displaced person who gave up drink to win. Under-rated Euwe, the last amateur to become world champion. Botvinnik, who refrained from sex to preserve his phosphorus. Smyslov, an amateur opera singer who brought chess an artist's touch. Tal, whose gaze and red-hot sacrifices wilted even the toughest wills. Petrosian, who through chess became a paradox-a Soviet bourgeois. Spassky irreverent attacker who bowed to enigmatic Bobby Fischer. Karpov, the positional boa constrictor of the board. Kasparov, the charismatic boxer-chess-player who's still at the top.

And many more great players of the past and present who never made it to the very top, but nevertheless left their indelible mark on the game.

List of Content

006 Introduction

008 Authors

011 Part 1: Meet the Champions

013 Chapter 1: Three Days with Bobby Fischer

025 Chapter 2: Standing Tal: Mikhail, Yin; Bobby, Yang

043 Chapter 3: The Books that Came in from the Cold

053 Chapter 4: The Ghosts of Chess Heroes Past

063 Chapter 5: SchachgŲtterdammerung to Electroshock

World Championship History, Part I

083 Chapter 6: Talking Movies to Ballistic Missiles

World Championship History, Part II

099 Chapter 7: Happy is the Sport that has Heroes

107 Chapter 8: Boris Spassky: Notes from the Undergound

115 Chapter 9: American Chess Players Home & Abroad on 9/11

129 Chapter 10: "How about a Nice Game of Chess?"- Any Time

Sidney Samole (1935-2000)

143 Part 2: Choose Your Openings

145 Chapter 11: White is always Equal, But Black is Always Worse!

How to Study the Openings, Part I

155 Chapter 12: Master-Chef Hors d'Oeuvres from Your Own Toaster Oven

How to Study the Openings, Part II

165 Chapter 13: A Search Engine for!

How to Study the Openings, Part III

175 Chapter 14: Summits & Cold War Combat

The Benko Gambit

193 Chapter 15: Picture Yourself in the U.S. Championship

Playing Openings You 'd Never Used Before!

211 Chapter 16: The Alex Files

Tomorrow s Theory Today

221 Chapter 17: Kings Without Castles

233 Chapter 18: Ross Perot Chess

Looking Under the Hood of Analysis & Evaluation, SOPR, Part I

245 Chapter 19: Discover Your Own Chess Comet


259 Chapter 20: Over-the-Board Inspiration


271 Chapter 21: Joseph Dorfman Updating the Steinitzian Universe

284 Index of Players

285 Index of Games

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