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How Purdy Won
Titel: How Purdy Won
Auteur: Purdy
Uitgever: Thinkers Press
Jaartal: 1998
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's:   176
Verkoopprijs:   Ä 20.00
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Hardest Game of Purdy's Life (No. 30)

Best Move of Purdy's Life (No. 30)

Purdy's Best Game Ever (No. 38)

Purdy Did Not Lose a Game of Correspondence Chess Between 1937 and 1952!

Three World Championship

Finals games of Purdy's have 20 pages of notes!

CJ.S. Purdy, from Australia, won the world's first chess correspondence championship. This book shows the road he took

to win with ruthlessness and precision against the world's best.

Although this book is primarily for players of correspondence chess it is also designed to help people who play chess only across the board.

I started playing correspondence chess seriously when I was thirty. I had twice won the championship of Australia in crossboard chess and was rated a master in that country. My experience at CC, however, was limited to a number of off-hand games, and as I afterwards realized, what I had played was not true correspondence chess, but ordinary chess by correspondence, and against opponents who were doing likewise.

When I accepted a challenge from a CC specialist, also an Australian, I was beaten badly. I then began studying the special requirements of CC, and did end up becoming World Champion in it. How I got to that stage, learning as I went, is what this book is about. But its purpose is to help other players, both CC and crossboard. Perhaps one learns most from one's own mistakes, but one can learn much from the mistakes of others, and learn far more painlessly.

So the annotations all have that objective.

CJ.S. Purdy, Foreword

List of Content

007 Foreword to the Second Edition

008 Author's Preface

009 Foreword to First Edition

010 Foreword by Erik Larsson

013 C.J.S. Purdy: His Career

015 Acknowledgments

016 Authors' Photos

029 Purdy's Letter from Napolitano

052 Purdy's Page of Analyses

Chapter 1


020 Sacrifice and Counter Sacrifice

1. Purdy-Crowl, Nimzo-Indian Defense

022 The Willhemsen Gambit

2. Crowl-Purdy, King's Gambit

024 My Eyes Are Opened

3. Purdy-Mclntosh, Slav Defense

026 Another Neat "Slav"

4. Purdy-Mclntosh, Slav Defense

Chapter 2


032 CCLA Champion

5. Hallmann-Purdy, Queen's Gambit Declined

034 Concealment

6. Cornforth-Purdy, Nimzo-Indian Defense

036 Coping With A Desperado

7. Purdy-Crowl, Nimzo-Indian Defense

038 Novelty In The Four Knights,

8. Goldstein-Purdy, Four Knights Game

041 Rook Ending

9. Purdy-Mclntosh, Ruy Lopez: Steinitz Defense Deferred

043 Premature Attack

10. Lindley-Purdy, Catalan System

045 Another Quick Black Win

11. Vaughan-Purdy, Nimzovich Attack

046 No Absolute Freeing Move

12. Purdy-Ludlow, Ruy Lopez: Morphy Defense

049 Winner Versus Runner-Up

13. Koshnitsky-Purdy, Catalan System

Chapter 3


053 Limited Bishop's Gambit

14. Crowl-Purdy, King's Gambit

054 Disguised Project

15. Purdy-Miller, French Defense

058 Anti-Dragon

16. Purdy-Salm, Sicilian Defense

061 That Tartakover Idea

17. Armati-Purdy, Ruy Lopez: Steinitz Defense Deferred

062 New Light On An Old Gambit

18. Purdy-Goldstein, Evans Gambit

066 An Ingenious Opponent

19. Purdy-Klass, Nimzo-Indian Defense

067 A Popular Brevity

20. Vaughan-Purdy, Gruenfeld Defense

071 Quick Gruenfeld Win

21. Spinks-Purdy, Gruenfeld Defense

072 Endgame Subtleties

22. Purdy-Lindley, French Defense

Chapter 4


078 Defeat

23. Purdy-Goncalves, Two Knights Defense

079 Elegant Chess

24. Purdy-Kerdil, Petroff Defense

083 Defender Triumphs

25. Nilsson-Purdy, Queen's Gambit Declined

085 Mopping-Up Hazards

26. Purdy-Soultanbeieff, Vienna Game

088 Complications

27. Schittecatte-Purdy, Colle System

Chapter 5


097 The Classic Response

28. Purdy-Frantzen, Evans Gambit

100 Opening Win

29. Purdy-Baijot, Two Knights Defense

104 The Hardest Game Of My Life

30. Bigot-Purdy, Ruy Lopez: Chigorin Defense

Chapter 6


114 Bishops Dominate

31. van't Veer-Purdy, Ruy Lopez: Chigorin Defense

116 Novel Strategy

32. Purdy-Collins, Ruy Lopez: Chigorin Defense

119 The Purdy Grip

33. Purdy-Madsen, English Opening

122 House Of Cards

34. Cuadrado-Purdy, Ruy Lopez: Chigorin Defense

125 Logical Chess

35. Purdy-Barda, English Opening

129 Dubious Gambit

36. Adam-Purdy, Ruy Lopez: Chigorin Defense

131 Hanging Pawns

37. Wood-Purdy, Queen's Gambit Declined

134 Deep Trap

38. Purdy-Watzl, Queen's Gambit Declined

Chapter 7


141 Faulty Opening

39. van Scheltinga-Purdy, Slav Defense

143 Strategical Subtleties

40. Purdy-Balogh, Ruy Lopez: Chigorin Defense

147 Super Defense

41. Purdy-Malmgren, English Opening

151 Misconceptions

42. Mitchell-Purdy, Ruy Lopez: Chigorin Defense

160 Battle Royal

43. Purdy-Napolitanom, Nimzo-Indian Defense


171 For The Record

170 Additional Games

44. Hugolf-Purdy, Ruy Lopez: Worrall Attack

45. Purdy-Condon, Ruy Lopez: Cozio

46. Purdy-Harris, Sicilian Defense

47. Koshnitsky-Purdy, English Opening

48. Wolfers-Purdy

49. S. Bernstein-Purdy, Ruy Lopez: Chigorin

50. C. Nielsen-Purdy, Nimzo-Indian Defense

51. Krausz-Purdy, Catalan Opening

52. Purdy-B. Reilly, Caro-Kann Defense

53. Viaud-Purdy, Slav Defense

174 Index of Openings

175 Volumes of the Purdy Library

176 Colophon

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