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Win with the London System
Titel: Win with the London System
Auteur: Johnsen S. & Kovacevic V.
Uitgever: Gambit
Jaartal: 2005
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's:   176
Verkoopprijs:   Ä 19.00
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The London System is a perennial favourite of club players, as it is a very sound and solid system with a real practical sting. The authors of this new book seek to maximize this sting in two principal ways. Firstly, by explaining in detail the typical plans for White, they help readers to make the most of their chances, whether they are based on a kingside attack, queenside penetration, central play, or transition to a favourable endgame. Secondly, they advocate some subtle move-orders that limit Black's options, and give White possibilities to change the nature of the game and go straight for the kill if Black responds casually or inappropriately. Much of the analysis presented here is of totally new variations, and is previously unpublished. Covers all responses to 1 d4 against which White can use the London System.

List of Content

004 Symbols

005 Bibliography

006 Preface

007 Introduction

010 Part 1: Illustrative Games

010 Double d-Pawn Defences

031 The Chigorin Set-up

033 The GrŁnfeld Set-up

037 King's Indian Defence

049 Queen's Indian Defence

053 Anti-Benoni Lines

058 Dutch and Various Others

063 Part 2: Analytical Section

065 1 Introduction and 2...c5

074 2 The Tarrasch Approach: 2...e6

078 3 Pseudo-Chigorin and Minor Lines

083 4 2...Nf6: Introduction and 3...c5

096 5 Common Ground: 3...e6

111 6 The Slav Approach: 2...c6 and 3...c6

118 7 Symmetrical: 2...Bf5 and 3...Bf5

124 8 The GrŁnfeld Formation

129 9 The King's Indian Formation

143 10 The Pseudo Old Indian

148 11 The Queen's Indian Formation: 2...b6 or 3...b6

155 12 Anti-Benoni: 2...c5

163 13 1 ...e6 and the Dutch Connection

170 14 Early Divergences

174 Index of Illustrative Games

175 Index of Variations

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