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Roman's Lab - Vol 23 (DVD): 'Grand Prix & Reti Openings'
Artikelnr: 90W
Titel: Roman\'s Lab - Vol 23 (DVD): \'Grand Prix & Reti Openings\'
Verkoopprijs: ÔŅĹ 25
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Roman's Lab - Vol 23 (DVD):  Grand Prix & Reti Openings
The Easy Way to Play Grand Prix and Reti Opening. Grand Prix Attack (1.e4 c5 2.Nc3 Nc6 3.f4) - Romanís Favorite Opening to meet the Sicilian Defense. Roman will show you a clear plan which will give you a comfortable position, however, if your opponent makes a tactical or positional mistake, he will get crushed or wind up with at least a bad position. Roman has had great success with this opening and is passing his own ideas and concepts on to you. Reti Opening White plays 1.Nf3 - Roman will give you easy to learn ideas and concepts on this positional opening. If you play the English, the Reti is a must because of the likelihood of transferring into it. So, if you donít want to remember a lot of theory, and like ambitious hidden attacks, the Reti is for you.
Total running time over 90 minutes

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