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Fritztrainer Opening: The English Defence DVD (Bojkov)
Titel: Fritztrainer Opening: The English Defence DVD (Bojkov)
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Fritztrainer Opening: The English Defence DVD (Bojkov) 1....b6
In the 1970s a group of strong English players (Miles, Speelman, Keene above all and later Short) developed a slightly unusual opening starting after the moves 1.d4 e6 2.c4 b6. Just like in the Grünfeld or the Alekhine Defences, Black concedes the centre. However, rather than provoking pawn advances by an early development of the knights, Black wants instead to develop his bishops (most frequently to the squares b7 and b4). This approach contradicts the orthodox rule of development (knights before bishops) but is not it better to get some pieces out instead of spending a lot of tempi with the knight in provocation?! The original character of the play as well as the good preparation by the aforementioned grandmasters led to the recognition of this setup as the English Defence. This opening, which is still very young and unexplored, has recently attracted some top players (Morozevich, Ponomariov, Mamedyarov) who have made good use of it in their games.

In his latest DVD Dejan Bojkov of Bulgaria explores the line in detail and supplies you with all the information you require in order to be successful with the English Defence. Typical positional and tactical ideas are supported by plenty of theoretical information.

Video running time: 5 hours 9 min.

System requirements:

  • Pentium-Processor at 300 Mhz or higher

  • 64 MB RAM

  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

  • DVD drive

  • mouse

  • soundcard

01 Intro

02 Some Inspiration Toni Miles in Action 3.d5 Qh4 4.e3 Nf6

03 Advantage in Development 3.d5 Nf6 4.f3 c6 5.d6 Na6

04 Korchnois Fighting Spirit 3.e4 Bb7 4,Qc2 Qh4

05 Undermining the Center 3.e4 Bb7 4.Bd3 Nc6

06 Theoretical Part: 3.d5 Ba6

07 3.Nf3 Bb7 4.g3 Bb4 5.Bd2 Bxf3

08 3.Nf3 Bb7 4.g3 Bb4 5.Nbd2 Bxf3

09 3.Nf3 Bb7 4.g3 Bb4 5.Nc3 f5

10 3.Nf3 Bb7 4.Nc3 Bb4

11 3.Nf3 Bb7 4.a3 or 3.Nc3 Bb7 4.a3 f5

12 3.a3 Bb7 4.Nc3 f5 5.d5 Nf6

13 The Saemish style 3.e4 Bb7 4.f3 f5

14 The Saemish Style 3.e4 Bb7 4.Nc3 Bb4 5.f3 f5

15 Central Aproach 3.e4 Bb7 4.Nc3 Bb4 5.Bd3 f5

16 Central Aproach White alternatives 5.d5 and 5.e5

17 Central Aproach 3.e4 Bb7 4.Bd3 Nc6 5.Nf3 Nb4

18 Central Aproach 3.e4 Bb7 4.Bd3 Nc6 5.Ne2 Nb4

19 Tabias

20 Farewell

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