Nieuwe Boeken
A Cunning Chess Opening For Black Kasparov S.2015€24.95
The Art of The King's Indian Gufeld E. & Stetsko O.2015€24.95
The Modern Vienna Game Ovetchkin O. & Soloviov S.2015€23.00
Finding Bobby Fisher Dirk Jan Ten Geuzendam2015€24.95
Basic Chess Openings For Kids Hertan C.2015€18.95
Risk & Bluff in Chess Tukmakov V.2015€24.95
French Defense: The Solid Rubinstein Variation Langrock H.2014€24.95
For Friends and Colleagues Volume 1 (Softcover) Dvoretsky M.2014€27.95
Encyclopedia of Chess Combinations (5th Edition) Chess Informant Team2013€39.95
Opening Repertoire: Nimzo and Bogo Indian Sielecki C.2015€24.00
Sveshnikov vs the Anti-Sicilians Sveshnikov E.2014€25.95
The Chess Manual of Avoidable Mistakes Romain Edouard2014€26.95
The Modern Tiger (hardcover) Hillarp Persson T.2014€29.99
The Modern Tiger (softcover) Hillarp Persson T.2014€24.99
The Soviet Chess Primer Maizelis I.2014€19.99
Larsen Move By Move Lakdawala C.2014€24.00
The Killer Sicilian Rotella T.2014€24.00
The Czech Benoni in Action Hoffman A. & Keener G.2014€20.00
Schoolschaken Van Delft K.2014€25.00
Chess Informant 122 Informator2014€29.95
Yearbook 113 NIC Editorial Team2014€29.95
The Inner Game of Chess Soltis A.2014€16.00
Liquidation on the Chess Board Benjamin J.2015€19.95
Draw! Verkhovsky L.2015€14.95
My First Book of Checkmate MacEnulty D.2015€17.95
1.e4 vs The Sicilian I (paperback) Parimarjan Negi2015€24.95
1.e4 vs The Sicilian I (hardcover) Parimarjan Negi2015€29.95
Kotronias on the King΄s Indian, Vol. 2 Mar del Plata I (paperback) Kotronias V.2015€24.99
Kotronias on the King΄s Indian, Vol. 2 Mar del Plata I (hardcover) Kotronias V.2015€29.99
Kotronias on the King΄s Indian, Vol. 3 Mar del Plata II (paperback) Kotronias V.2015€24.99
Kotronias on the King΄s Indian, Vol. 3 Mar del Plata II (hardcover) Kotronias V.2015€29.99
Chess Structures (paperback) Flores Rios M.2015€24.99
Chess Structures (hardcover) Flores Rios M.2015€29.99
1. ...b6: Move by Move Lakdawala C.2015€25.00
The Chess Tactics Detection Workbook Schlepόtz V. & Emms J.2015€20.00
The Killer Dutch Williams S.2015€25.00
Ivanchuk Move By Move Tay Junior2015€27.00
Een Schaakleven in 100 Partijen van der Weide K.2015€19.95
Modernized: The Open Sicilian Amanov Z. & Kavutskiy K.2015€29.95
My Best Games of Chess 1905-1954 Tartakower S.2015€29.95
The French Defence Vol. 3 (hardcover) Berg E.2015€29.99
The French Defence Vol. 3 Berg E.2015€24.99
Rossolimo and Friends Kornev A.2015€23.00
The English Attack Against The Taimanov Sicilian Zaven Andriasyan2015€21.95
Opening Repertoire: The Caro-Kann Houska J.2015€25.00
Bronstein: Move By Move Giddins S.2015€25.00
The Even More Flexible French Moskalenko V.2015€26.95
1.d4 The Catalan Vol. 1A (Hardcover) Avrukh Boris2015€29.99
The Veresov Move By Move Jimmy Liew2015€22.00
Bird's Opening Move By Move Lakdawala C.2015€24.00
Attacking The Caro-Kann Dreev A.2015€21.50
Winning Chess Manoeuvres Guliev S.2015€24.95
Taming Wild Chess Openings Watson J. & Schiller E.2015€26.95
Python Strategy (softcover) Tigran Petrosjan2015€24.99
Python Strategy (hardcover) Tigran Petrosjan2015€29.99
Learn From The Legends 3rd Edition (hardcover) Marin M.2015€29.99
Positional Decision Making In Chess (hardcover) Gelfand B.2015€29.99
Lessons With A Grandmaster III Gulko B. & Sneed R.2015€22.00

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