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The Endgame
Auteur: Davies & Ogawa
Titel: The Endgame
Verkoopprijs: 14
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The endgame tends to be the neglected side of the game of go. This is strange indeed, for it also tends to be where the outcome is decided, and frequently accounts for about half the stones played.

This volume, by a Japanese professional go player and a strong American amateur, seeks to rectify this situation by setting forth the basic tactics, strategies, and counting techniques needed in the endgame.

Everything from the smallest local tesuji to the global macroendgame is covered with numerous examples and problems, many of them drawn from the Japanese author's professional games. The reader is encouraged to think for himself and is guaranteed to get stronger.

List of Content

008 CHAPTER 1 Introducing the Endgame

049 CHAPTER 2 Counting

080 CHAPTER 3 Endgame Tesuji

124 CHAPTER 4 The Macroendgame

162 CHAPTER 5 Games

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