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Get Strong at Invading
Auteur: Bozulich R.
Titel: Get Strong at Invading
Verkoopprijs: 16.5
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Invading is an important technique that every go player should have in his arsenal, and here is a book that will raise your invading ability to expert strength.

The material is presented in a problem format. Each problem is part of a series of problems in which various lines are explored. Short sequences of moves allow the reader to concentrate on one particular aspects of a problem without becoming confused through the analysis of long and complicated variations. This book is divided into three parts. Part One systematically deals with the standard invasions on the side of the board, Part Two with invading the corners and attacking corner enclosures, and Part three with erasing large territorial frameworks.

This is a book for all players of all strenghts. If you are a weak kyu-player, it is a guaranteed to increase your invading ability by as much as six stones. If you already are a strong dan player, it will fill in the gaps that may exist in your invasion technique. For sure, this is a book that no serious go player can do without.

List of Content


001 Part One

001 Invading on the Sides

049 Part Two

049 Invading Corner Enclosures

105 Part Three

105 Invading Large Territories

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