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The World of Chinese Go
Auteur: Guo Juan
Titel: The World of Chinese Go
Verkoopprijs: 14
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Guo Juan studied to become a professional go player in China during the 1970s and 80s. She trained with many of the Chinese players who were to become the top names on the international go scene. Having lived in Holland now for more than ten years, she is the perfect person to convey the true flavor of the Chinese go world to Western players.

And this is what she does in her first book The World of Chinese Go, giving the reader an in-depth view of the Chinese go scene. Chapters are devoted to some of China's superstars, such as Nie Weiping, Ma Xiaochun, Chen Zude, Chang Hao, and the great female player Rui Naiwei. Detailed analyses of their games are presented along with interesting insights into their characters and personalities. You will also get a glimpse of what life is like in a Chinese go school for aspiring professionals. The book also discusses the fierce competition to become a professional, and how those who fail to make the grade enter the amateur go ranks, raising the level of amateur tournaments to nearly top professional standards.

No matter what your level of play, whether you want to study games or are just looking for some entertaining reading about go, this is the book for you.

List of Content

iv Preface

v Introduction

001 Chapter One

Ma Xiaochun

018 Chapter Two

Nie Weiping

033 Chapter Three

My Go School

051 Chapter Four

Chen Zude

067 Chapter Five

My Professional Go Team

082 Chapter Six

Chinese Women in Go

098 Chapter Seven

Young Talent

117 Chapter Eight

The Chinese Amateur Go World

129 Chapter Nine

The Chinese National Go Team

142 Chapter Ten

The Life of a Chinese Tournament Player


This book is the result of a long-time wish to write some things about Chinese go and Chinese go players. The main source for this wish is that there are not so many people in the West that know a lot about this fascinating world. There are of course many books about contemporary go in China, but these are only accessible to Westerners who read Chinese, and there are not yet a substantial number of them.

This is not a teaching book, nor is it a scholarly book about the history of Chinese go. It is just a book with stories about the Chinese go world after the Cultural Revolution. However, I hope it will give readers a feeling for this world, and, hopefully, an appetite for more.


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