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101 Winning Chess Strategies Dunnington A.1999€19.00
Art of Attack in Chess Vukovic V.1998€23.00
Break the Rules Mc Donald N.2012€20.00
Chess Blueprints, Planning in the middlegame Yakovlev N.2010€22.95
Chess Middlegames Essential Knowledge Averbakh Y.1996€15.00
Chess Secrets: The Giants of Strategy Mc Donald N.2007€18.00
Chess Strategy for the Tournament Player Alburt L. & Palatnik S.2000€18.95
Chess Strategy in Action Watson J.2003€23.00
Chess Tactics for the Tournament Player Palatnik S. & Alburt L.1995€15.00
Dvoretsky's Analytical Manual Dvoretsky M.2008€30.00
Dynamic Pawn Play in Chess Marovic D.2001€20.00
How to defend in chess Crouch2007€19.00
Improve your chess Now Tisdall J.2004€20.00
Improve Your Middlegame Play Kinsman A.0€10.00
Isolani Strategy Beliavsky, Mikhalchishin & Stetsko2012€19.95
Mastering the Middlegame Dunnington A.2001€20.00
Mating the Castled King (hardcover) Gormally D.2014€27.99
Mating the Castled King (paperback) Gormally D.2014€22.99
My System(softcover) Nimzowitsch A.2006€21.99
Open Files Uhlmann & Schmidt2009€24.95
Pawn Structure Chess Soltis2013€20.00
Perfect your chess Volokitin A. & Grabinsky V.2007€21.00
Play Winning Chess Seirawan Y.2003€18.00
Practical Middlegame Techniques (2nd edition) Kopec D.2012€15.00
Practical Middlegame Tips Mednis E.1998€20.00
Prepare To Attack Lane G.2010€20.00
School of Chess Excellence 2: Tactical Play Dvoretsky M.2002€25.00
School of Chess Excellence 3 : Strategic Play Dvoretsky M.2002€25.00
School of future Champions 1:Secrets of chess Training Dvoretsky M. & Yusupov A.2006€25.00
School of future champions 4:Secrets Of Positional Play Dvoretsky2008€25.00
Secrets of Modern Chess Strategy Watson J.2005€22.00
Simple Attacking Plans Wilson2012€13.00
Soviet Chess Strategy (softcover) Suetin A.2010€21.99
Soviet Middlegame Technique (hardcover) Romanovsky P.2013€27.99
Soviet Middlegame Technique (paperback) Romanovsky P.2013€23.99
Storming the Barricades Christiansen L.2000€22.00
The Art of Planning in Chess Mc Donald2006€12.50
The King in Jeopardy Alburt L. & Palatnik S.1999€14.95
The Magic Tactics of Mikhail Tal Mόller K & Stolze R.2012€24.95
Understanding Chess Middlegames Nunn J.2011€21.50
Understanding Pawn Play in Chess Marovic D.2000€20.00
Who dares Wins! D'Costa L.2010€20.00
Winning Chess Middlegames Sokolov I.2010€26.95
Winning Chess Strategies 2nd edition Seirawan Y.2003€20.00
Winning Chess Tactics 2nd edition Seirawan Y.2003€20.00

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