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Andere schaaktechnische adviesboeken
10 Great ways to win at chess Davies N.2010€19.00
100 Chess Master Trade Secrets Soltis A.2013€18.00
1001 Brilliant Ways to Checkmate Reinfeld F.2014€19.95
1001 Chess Exercises for Beginners Masetti F. & Messa R.2012€15.95
1001 Deadly Checkmates Nunn J.2011€19.00
1001 Winning Chess Sacrifices and Combinations Reinfeld F.2014€19.95
101 Attacking Ideas in Chess Gallagher J.2000€17.50
101 Brilliant Chess Minatures Nunn J.1999€6.00
101 Chess questions Answered Giddins2008€7.50
212 Surprising Checkmates Alberston B & Wilson F.2011€9.95
50 Essential Chess Lessons Giddins S.2006€20.00
50 Ways to Win at Chess Giddins S.2007€7.50
64 Things you need to know in chess Walker J.2002€18.00
a course in chess tactics Bojkov & Georgiev2010€20.00
A First book of Morphy Frisco Del Rosario2004€22.00
A Guide to Chess Improvement Heisman D.2010€12.50
Advanced Chess Tactics Psakhis L.2011€25.99
Amateur to IM (hardcover) Hawkins J.2012€22.95
Analyse Your Chess Crouch2011€19.00
Anand Move by Move Franco Z.2014€23.50
Attack & defence (hardcover) Aagaard J.2013€29.99
Attacking Manual Vol 2 (softcover) Aagaard2010€29.99
Attacking Manual Vol. 1 (hardcover) Aagaard J.2008€34.99
Attacking Manual Vol. 1 (softcover) Aagaard2008€29.99
Attacking Manual Vol. 2 (hardcover) Aagaard J.2010€34.99
Back to Basics : Tactics Heisman D.2007€21.95
Back to Basics: Fundamentals Francuski B.2008€19.95
Back to Basics: Strategy Beim V.2011€19.95
Beat The Grandmasters Kongsted C.2005€6.00
Best Play (hardcover) Shashing A.2013€25.99
Best Play (paperback) Shashin A.2013€22.99
Blunders and how to avoid them Dunnington A.2004€20.00
Boost Your Chess Vol. 1 (hardcover) Yusupov A.2010€29.99
Boost Your Chess Vol. 1 : The fundamentals (paperback) Yusupov2010€23.99
Boost Your Chess Vol. 2 (hardcover) Yusupov A.2011€29.99
Boost Your Chess Vol. 2 : Beyond the Basics (paperback) Yusupov A.2011€23.99
Boost Your Chess Vol. 3 (hardcover) Yusupov A.2011€29.99
Boost Your Chess Vol. 3: Mastery (paperback) Yusupov A.2011€23.99
Build up your chess 1: The Fundamentals Yusupov2008€23.99
Build up your chess 2: Beyond the Basics Yusupov2008€23.99
Build up your chess 3 : Mastery Yusupov2009€23.99
Build up Your Chess Vol. 1 (hardcover) Yusupov A.2008€29.99
Build up Your Chess Vol. 2 (hardcover) Yusupov A.2008€29.99
Build up Your Chess Vol. 3 (hardcover) Yusupov A.2009€29.99
Building up your chess Alburt L.2002€22.95
Bullet Chess Nakamura & Harper2009€18.95
Bxh7 Rudel2009€15.00
Calculate like a Grandmaster Gormally D.2010€18.95
Calculation (hardcover) Aagaard J.2012€29.99
Calculation (softcover) Aagaard J.2012€24.99
Can You be a positional chess genius? Dunnington A.2002€20.00
Can You be a tactical chess genius? Plaskett J.2002€10.00
Checkmate for Children Stark A.2010€12.95
Checkmate Tactics Kasparov G.2010€12.00
Chess Analytics Grivas E.2012€22.95
Chess Camp 1: Move, Attack, and Capture Sukhin I.2010€10.00
Chess Camp 2: Simple Checkmates Sukhin I.2010€10.00
Chess Camp 3: Checkmate with Many Pieces Sukhin I.2010€10.00
Chess Camp 4: Elementary Endgames Sukhin I.2011€10.00
Chess Camp 5: 2-Move Checkmates Sukhin I.2011€10.00
Chess Camp 6: Tactics in Attack and Defence Sukhin I.2012€10.00
Chess Camp 7: Opening Tactics Sukhin I.2012€10.00
Chess Evolution 1: The Fundamentals (softcover) Yusupov A.2011€23.99
Chess Evolution 2 (hardcover) Yusupov A.2012€29.99
Chess Evolution 2: Beyond The Basics (softcover) Yusupov A.2012€23.99
Chess Evolution 3 (hardcover) Yusupov A.2013€29.99
Chess Evolution 3 (hardcover) Yusupov A.2013€29.99
Chess Evolution 3: Mastery (softcover) Yusupov A.2013€23.99
Chess Exam and Training Guide Khmelnitsky I.2004€24.95
Chess Exam and Training Guide: Tactics Khmelnitsky I.2007€22.50
Chess Exam Matches against Chess Legends Igor Khmelnitsky2009€18.50
Chess for the Gifted and Busy Alburt L.2011€19.95
Chess Fundamentals Capablanca J.1994€15.00
Chess is Child's Play Sherman L.2012€16.00
Chess Lessons Yusupov A.2004€15.00
Chess Lessons (paperback) Popov2011€21.99
Chess Mazes Alberston B.2004€14.95
Chess Praxis Nimzowitsch2003€21.99
Chess Progress: from Beginner to Winner Czerwin E.2014€22.50
Chess Recipes from the Grandsmaster's Kitchen Beim V.2002€19.00
Chess School Mirkovic S.2005€18.80
Chess School 2 Mirkovic2006€18.80
Chess School 3 Mirkovic2008€18.80
Chess School 4 Mirkovic S.2011€18.80
Chess School 5 Mirkovic S.2013€18.80
Chess Self-Improvement Zenon Franco2005€13.00
Chess Strategy for club Players Grooten Herman2009€25.95
Chess Strategy: Move By Move Hunt Adam2013€19.00
Chess Structures (hardcover) Flores Rios M.2015€29.99
Chess Structures (paperback) Flores Rios M.2015€24.99
Chess Tactics for Advanced Players (reprint) Averbakh0€21.95
Chess Tactics for Advanced Players Vol. 2 Vamos V.2011€18.80
Chess Tactics for Beginners Vol. 3 Vamos V.2010€10.80
Chess Tactics for Kids Chandler M.2012€12.50
Chess Tips for the Improving Player Avni A.2008€10.00
Chess Training for Budding Champions Hall J.2001€20.00
Chess Training for post-Beginners Srokovsky Y.2014€19.95
Chess Training Pocket Book Alburt L.2000€15.00
Chess Training Pocket Book II Alburt2008€15.00
Chesscafe Puzzle Book 1 Mόller K.2004€21.95
Chesscafe Puzzle Book 3 Mόller K.2010€21.95
Combinative Motifs Blokh M.2006€19.95
Counterattack! Franco Zenon2009€12.50
Creative Chess Strategy Romero A.2003€7.50
Critical Moments in chess Paata Gaprindashvili2010€20.00
Decision - Making at the Chessboard Eingorn V.2003€7.50
Draw! Verkhovsky L.2015€14.95
Elements of Chess Strategy Kosikov A.2010€17.00
Elements of Positional Evaluation Heisman D.2010€18.95
Endgame Tactics (4de editie) Van Perlo2014€29.95
Essential chess sacrifices LeMoir David2003€21.00
Excelling at chess Aagaard J.2001€21.00
Excelling at chess calculation Aagaard J.2006€21.00
Excelling at combinational play Aagaard J.2004€21.00
Excelling at positional Chess Aagaard J.2003€21.00
Fighting Chess Move By Move Crouch C.2013€22.00
Fighting chess with Hikaru Nakamura Mόller K & Stolze R.2012€25.00
Find the right plan with Anatoly Karpov Karpov A. & Mazukewitsch2010€19.50
Finding Chess Jewels Krasenkov2014€20.00
Fischer His approach to chess Agur E.2003€20.00
Forcing Chess Moves Hertan2008€24.95
Formation Attack Strategies Johnson J.2013€34.95
Formation Attacks Johnson J.2011€31.95
Foundations of Chess Strategy Hansen Lars2005€7.50
Grandmaster Chess Move by Move Nunn J.2005€7.50
Grandmaster Chess Strategy Kaufeld & Kern2011€22.95
Grandmaster Versus Amateur Aagaard J., Shaw J., Avrukh B, Marin M,...2011€24.99
Greatest 501 Puzzles Csaba B.2013€19.95
Hacking up the King Eggleston D.2014€19.99
Handleiding stap 1 Brunia & Van Wijgerden2010€10.50
Handleiding stap 2 Brunia & Van Wijgerden2008€10.50
Handleiding stap 3 Brunia & Van Wijgerden2007€10.50
Handleiding stap 4 Brunia & Van Wijgerden2010€10.50
Handleiding stap 5 Brunia & Van Wijgerden2007€10.50
Handleiding/Instructieboek stap 6 Van Wijgerden C.2010€10.50
Het zeventiende Schaakstuk Van Delft K.2012€19.50
How chess games are won and lost Hansen L.B.2008€20.00
How to Be a Winner in Chess Reinfeld F.2013€12.95
How to beat your dad at chess Chandler M.1998€12.50
How to become a deadly chess tactician LeMoir D.2002€20.00
How to Calculate Chess Tactics Beim V.2006€21.00
How to Play Chess Like a Champion Reinfeld F.2013€14.95
How to play dynamic chess Beim V.2004€7.50
How to Reasses Your Chess (4th edition) Silman2010€29.95
How to Win at chess Quickly Williams S.2010€10.00
Improve Your attacking Chess: 250 puzzle positions to train .... Williams S.2004€7.50
Improve Your Chess Hansen Lars Bo2009€20.00
Improve Your Chess at Any Age Hortillosa2009€19.50
Improve Your Chess Pattern Recognition van de Oudeweetering A.2014€22.95
Improve your chess Tactics Neishtadt2011€17.95
Improve your Positional Chess Hansen C.2004€20.00
Inside the chess Mind Aagaard J.2004€23.00
Invisible Chess Moves Afek Y. & Neiman E.2011€19.95
Ivanchuk Move By Move Tay Junior2015€27.00
John Nunn's Chess Course Nunn J.2014€21.50
John Nunn's Chess Puzzle Book (NEW Enlarged edition) Nunn J.2009€20.00
Journey to the chess kingdom Averbakh Y. & Beilin M.2014€19.99
Judit Polgar - A Game of Queens (hardcover) Polgar J.2014€24.99
Korchnoi My Best Games Korchnoi V.2001€20.00
Lasker's Manual of chess Lasker2008€27.95
Learn Chess Tactics Nunn J.2004€18.00
Learn from the Legends Marin M.2004€26.99
Learn From The Legends 3rd Edition (hardcover) Marin M.2015€29.99
Lekker Schaken deel 3: vooruitdenken/plannen maken/verdedigen Brunia & Van Wijgerden2003€9.95
Lekker Schaken deel 4:Opbouwen, combineren en beoordelen Brunia & Van Wijgerden2003€9.95
Lekker Schaken deel 5:strategie/koningsaanval/eindspel Brunia & Van Wijgerden2003€9.95
Lessons with a grandmaster II Gulko & Sneed2012€20.00
Lessons With A Grandmaster III Gulko B. & Sneed R.2015€22.00
Let's Play Chess Pandolfini B.2008€16.95
Looking for Trouble Heisman D.2014€19.95
Mastering Chess Strategy Hellsten J.2010€23.00
Mastering Mates 1 Edwards J.2014€18.95
Mastering Mates 2 Edwards J.2014€18.95
Mastering Positional Chess Naroditsky2010€19.95
Masters of the Chessboard Rιti R.2012€20.00
Modern chess Move by Move Crouch2009€22.50
Modern Chess Planning Grivas2007€7.50
Modern Chess Preparation Tukmakov V.2012€23.95
Modern ideas in chess Rιti Richard2010€16.95
Move First, Think Later Hedriks2012€21.95
Multiple Choice Chess II Buckley G.2003€10.00
My First Book of Checkmate MacEnulty D.2015€17.95
My System (hardcover) Nimzowitsch2007€27.99
On The Attack!! Timman2006€27.95
Pawn Sacrifice Taylor T.2008€20.00
Platonov's Chess Academy Alburt & Palatnik2012€14.95
Play Chess like the Pros Gormally D.2010€20.00
Play Unconventional Chess and Win Noam A. Manella & Zeev Zohar2014€22.00
Positional Attacks Johnson J.2014€34.95
Positional Chess Sacrifices Suba M.2012€25.99
Positional Chess Sacrifices (hardcover) Suba M.2012€30.99
Positional Decision Making In Chess (hardcover) Gelfand B.2015€29.99
Positional Play (hardcover) Aagaard J.2012€29.99
Positional Play (softcover) Aagaard J.2012€24.99
Power Chess for Kids Vol. 1 Hertan2011€14.95
Power Chess for Kids Vol. 2 Hertan2013€14.95
Power Chess with Pieces Timman Jan2004€24.95
Practical Chess defence Aagaard J.2006€24.99
Pump Up Your Rating (hardcover) Smith A.2013€29.99
Pump Up Your Rating (paperback) Smith A.2013€24.99
Python Strategy (hardcover) Tigran Petrosjan2015€29.99
Python Strategy (softcover) Tigran Petrosjan2015€24.99
Quality Chess Puzzle Book (hardcover) Shaw J.2010€29.99
Quality Chess Puzzle Book (softcover) Shaw J.2010€24.99
Questions of Modern Chess Theory Lipnitsky I.2008€23.99
Rapid Chess improvement de la Maza M.2002€18.00
Revolutionize Your Chess Moskalenko2009€24.95
Risk & Bluff in Chess Tukmakov V.2015€24.95
Sacking the Citadel Edwards J.2011€22.95
Sacrifice and Initiative Sokolov I.2013€24.95
Schaakideeλn Van Delft K.2013€19.00
Schaakvarianten Caljι2013€20.00
Schaken Met Jan Timman "De Kracht van het paard" Timman J.2002€16.75
Schaken met Jan Timman: De Macht van het Loperpaar Timman Jan2003€17.95
School of future champions 5: Secrets of Creative Thinking Dvoretsky2009€25.00
Schoolschaken Van Delft K.2014€25.00
Secrets of Attacking Chess Marin M.2005€22.00
Secrets of Chess defence Marin M.2003€20.00
Secrets of Chess Transformations Marovic D.2004€12.50
Secrets Of Positional Chess Marovic D.2003€22.00
Secrets of spectacular chess Levitt J. & Friedgood D.2008€20.00
Secrets of the Russian Chess Masters Vol 1: fundamentals of the Game (hardcover) Alburt & Parr1997€24.00
Secrets of the Russian Chess Masters Vol 2: Beyond the Basics (hardcover) Alburt L. & Parr L.1997€24.00
Sharpen Your chess Tactics in 7 Days Lane G.2009€16.00
Soviet Chess Strategy (hardcover) Suetin A.2010€27.99
Starting out : attacking play Plaskett J.2004€18.00
Starting out: Chess Tactics and Checkmates Ward C.2006€12.50
Starting out: defensive play Dunnington A.2005€18.00
Strategic Play (hardcover) Aagaard J.2013€29.99
Strategic Play (softcover) Aagaard J.2013€24.99
Study Chess with Matthew Sadler Sadler M.2012€18.00
Study Chess with Tal Tal M. & Koblenz A.2013€20.00
Tactical Targets in Chess Vol. 1 Pongo1999€19.80
Tactical Targets in Chess Vol. 2 Pongo1999€17.80
Tactical Training Meszaros A.2013€23.00
Tactical Training for Beginners Meszaros A.2013€11.95
Tactics Time Brennan T. & Carson A.2013€14.95
Tactimania Flear G.2011€21.99
Techniques of Positional Play Bronznik V. & Terekhin A.2013€24.95
Test Your Chess Pedersen S.2000€7.50
Test Your Chess Franco Z.2014€22.50
Test your chess IQ First Challenge Livshitz A.1989€18.00
Test Your Chess IQ Grandmaster Challenge Livshitz A.1996€18.00
Test Your Chess with Daniel King King D.2005€10.00
Test, Evaluate And Improve Your Chess Kopec D. & Terrie Hal2013€29.95
The Amateur's Mind Silman J.1999€20.00
The Art of Attacking Chess Franco Z.2008€7.50
The Art of Checkmate Renaud & Kahn2014€17.95
The Art of Defence in Chess Soltis A.2014€21.00
The Art of giving mate Schneider A.2003€18.80
The Chess Combat simulator Bosch J.2006€24.95
The Chess Manual of Avoidable Mistakes Romain Edouard2014€26.95
The Chess Puzzle Book 2 Mόller K.2008€21.95
The Chess Tactics Detection Workbook Schlepόtz V. & Emms J.2015€20.00
The Complete book of Chess Strategy Silman J.1998€20.00
The Complete Chess Workout Palliser R.2007€22.00
The Complete Chess Workout II Palliser2012€12.50
The Enigma of Chess Intuition Beim V.2012€24.95
The Gambit Book of Instructive Chess Puzzles Burgess G.2011€14.00
The Giant Chess Puzzle Book Franco2010€22.00
The Grandmaster Battle Manual (paperback) Kotronias V.2011€25.99
The Greatest Ever Chess Strategies Collins S.2012€19.00
The improving chess Thinker Heisman2009€15.95
The Inner Game of Chess Soltis A.2014€16.00
The Magic of Chess Tactics Meyer C.D.& Mόller K.2002€19.95
The Manual of Chess Combinations, Chess School 1a Ivashchenko S.2006€14.00
The Manual of Chess Combinations, Chess School 1b Ivashchenko S.2006€14.00
The Manual of Chess Combinations, Chess School 2 Ivashchenko S.2011€22.50
The Manual of Chess Combinations, Chess School 3 Ivashchenko S.2003€22.50
The Manual of Chess Endings, Chess School 4 Ivashchenko S.2003€22.50
The Most Amazing Chess Moves of All Time Emms J.2000€18.00
The Most valuable Skills in Chess Ashley2009€16.00
The Road to Chess Improvement Yermolinsky A.1999€23.00
The Rules of winning chess Davies2009€20.00
The Secret Life of Bad Bishops Lund E.2014€19.99
The Seven Deadly Chess Sins Rowson J.2000€22.00
The Soviet Chess Primer Maizelis I.2014€19.99
The Survival Guide to competitive Chess Emms J.2007€20.00
The System Berliner H.2003€7.50
The Ultimate Chess Strategy Book: Vol1 How to play Closed Openings like ... Romero A. & Gonzalez de la Nava A.2008€13.00
Thinking with Chess Alexey W.R.2012€13.95
Transpo Tricks in Chess Soltis A.2007€18.00
True Combat Chess Taylor T.2009€18.00
True Lies in Chess Lluis Fabrego2007€22.99
Tune Your Chess Tactics Antenna Neiman E.2013€24.95
Typical Mates Meszaros A.2013€11.80
Understanding Chess Move By Move Nunn J.2005€17.50
Understanding Chess Tactics Weteschnik2006€19.99
Understanding the sacrifice Dunnington A.2002€20.00
Understanding Your Chess Rizzitano J.2004€7.50
Werkboek Opstapje 1 Van Wijgerden C.2011€4.60
Werkboek Opstapje 2 Van Wijgerden C.2010€4.60
Werkboek stap 1 Brunia & Van Wijgerden2013€4.60
Werkboek stap 1 Extra Van Wijgerden C.2009€4.60
Werkboek stap 1 PLUS Van Wijgerden C.2011€4.60
Werkboek stap 2 Brunia & Van Wijgerden2012€4.60
Werkboek stap 2 Extra Van Wijgerden C.2008€4.60
Werkboek stap 2 PLUS Van Wijgerden2012€4.60
Werkboek stap 2 vooruitdenken Van Wijgerden C.2011€4.60
Werkboek stap 3 Brunia & Van Wijgerden2013€4.60
Werkboek stap 3 Extra Van Wijgerden C.2003€4.60
Werkboek stap 3 vooruitdenken Van Wijgerden C. & Boris Friesen2011€4.60
Werkboek stap 3+ Van Wijgerden C.2003€4.60
Werkboek stap 4 Brunia & Van Wijgerden2009€4.60
Werkboek stap 4 Extra Van Wijgerden C.2003€4.60
Werkboek stap 4+ Van Wijgerden C.0€4.60
Werkboek stap 5 Brunia & Van Wijgerden2010€4.60
Werkboek stap 5 Extra Van Wijgerden C.2003€4.60
Werkboek stap 5+ Van Wijgerden C.0€4.60
Werkboek stap 6 Van Wijgerden C.2009€9.00
Werkboek stap 6 Extra Van Wijgerden C. & L'ami Erwin2013€9.00
What it takes to become a Chess master Soltis2012€19.00
wij presenteren... de koningin Bφhm H. & Afek Y.2014€22.95
Wij Presenteren... Het Paard Afek Y. & Bφhm H.2012€22.95
Wij Presenteren...De Pion Bφhm H. & Afek Y.2010€22.95
Winning Chess Chernev I. & Reinfeld F.1971€20.00
Winning Chess Combinations Seirawan Y.2006€20.00
Winning Chess Exercises for Kids Coakley J.2011€25.00
Winning Chess Explained Zenon Franco2006€7.50
Winning Chess Manoeuvres Guliev S.2015€24.95
Winning Chess Puzzles for Kids Coakley J.2010€25.00
Winning Chess Strategy for Kids Coakley J.2009€25.00
Winning Pawn Play in the Indian Defences Marinho2012€25.00
Your best Move Ostman2011€20.00

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