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Biografieλn & Partijverzamelingen & curiosa
365 ways to checkmate Gallagher J.2004€12.50
A Fresh Look at Chess Alburt L.2012€18.00
A legend on the Road Bobby Fischer Donaldson John2005€21.00
A Psychobiography Of Bobby Fischer Joseph G. Ponterotto2012€33.95
Alexander Alekhine Master Of Attack Raetsky A. & Chetverik M.2004€19.00
American Grandmaster: Four decades of chess adventures Benjamin Joel2008€22.00
Anish Giri Anish Giri2014€14.95
Aron Nimzowitsch 1928 - 1935 Reinhardt Rudolf2013€34.95
Attacking 101 Johnson J.2013€14.95
Bent Larsen's Best Games Bent Larsen2014€29.95
Bobby Fischer Mόller2009€31.95
Bobby Fischer (hardcover) Mόller2009€65.00
Bobby Fischer comes home, The Final Years in Iceland, a Saga ... Olafsson H.2012€17.95
Bobby Fischer: My 60 memorable games Fischer2008€20.00
Boris Spassky - Master of Initiative Reatzky & Chetverik2006€19.00
Botvinnik - Smyslov 1954-1957-1958 Botvinnik2009€28.95
Botvinnik : Move By Move Lakdawala C.2013€24.00
Botvinnik-Petrosian Botvinnik M.2010€19.95
Bronstein: Move By Move Giddins S.2015€25.00
Capablanca : Move By Move Lakdawala C.2012€23.00
Carlsen Move by Move Lakdawala C.2014€23.50
Carlsen΄s Assault on the Throne Kotronias2013€29.99
Centre-Stage and Behind the Scenes, Averbakh Y.2011€28.90
Champions of the New Millennium Ftacnik,Kopec, Browne2009€24.99
Chess Brilliancy Damsky I.2002€22.00
Chess Champion from China Jun X.1998€12.75
Chess Combinations: the improving player's puzzle book Walker J.1999€18.00
Chess Duels: My Games with the World Champions Seirawan2010€24.50
Chess Evolution 2011/4 Naiditsch A., Bacrot E.,Babson J.N. & Sokolov I.2011€32.99
Chess Facts and Fables Winter E.2005€42.00
Chess Highlights of the 20th Century Burgess G.1999€30.50
Chess Informant 122 Informator2014€29.95
Chess Juggler, Balancing Career, Family and Chess ... Magner2011€19.95
Chess Mazes 2 Alberston2008€16.95
Chess Movies 2 Pandolfini2011€17.95
Chess Psychology: The Will to Win! Stewart William2013€19.00
Chess Puzzles for Kids Chandler M.2012€12.50
Chess Secrets: Giants of Innovation Pritchett C.2011€20.00
Chess Secrets: Great attackers Crouch C.2009€19.00
Chess Secrets: Heroes of Classical Chess, Learn from Carlsen, Anand, Fischer, Smyslov and Rubinstein Pritchett2010€18.00
Chess Secrets: The Giants of Power Play Mc Donald2009€18.00
Chess Tactics Littlewood P.2004€20.50
Chess Tactics for Advanced Players Vamos2004€17.80
Chess Tactics for Beginners Vamos Viktor2004€9.80
Chessbase Complete, Get More out of Your ChessBase! Edwards Jon2014€29.95
Common sense in chess Lasker2007€17.95
Curaηao 1962 Timman Jan2005€22.95
Der XIX Kongress Des Deutschen Schachbundes zu Mannheim 1914 Haas S.2013€34.50
Devious Chess Avni Amatzia2006€23.40
Een Schaakleven in 100 Partijen van der Weide K.2015€19.95
Eminent Victorian Chess Players, Ten Biographies Harding T.2012€46.00
Endgame, Bobby Fischer's Remarkable Rise and Fall Brady F.2011€25.95
Fighting Chess with Magnus Carlsen Mikhalchishin & Stetsko2011€25.00
Finding Bobby Fisher Dirk Jan Ten Geuzendam2015€24.95
Fire On Board Part II: 1997-2004 Shirov Alexei2005€22.00
Fire on Board: Shirov's Best games Shirov A.1997€26.50
Fischer World Champion! Timman J.2002€21.95
For Friends and Colleagues Volume 1 (Softcover) Dvoretsky M.2014€27.95
From Londen to Elista Barejew & Levitov2007€29.95
G. Kasparov on Modern Chess (Vol1):Revolution in the 70's Kasparov2007€35.00
G. Kasparov on Modern Chess (Vol2): Kasparov vs Karpov (1975-1985) Kasparov G.2008€35.00
G. Kasparov on Modern Chess (Vol3) Kasparov vs Karpov 1986-1987 Kasparov2009€35.00
G. Kasparov on Modern Chess: (Vol 4): Kasparov vs Karpov 1988 - 2009 Kasparov2010€35.00
Garry Kasparov on Garry Kasparov Vol I Kasparov G.2011€35.00
Garry Kasparov on Garry Kasparov, Part II Kasparov G.2013€35.00
Garry Kasparov on Garry Kasparov, Part III Kasparov G.2014€35.00
Garry Kasparov's Greatest Chess Games Vol 2 Stohl I.2006€35.00
Garry Kasparov's Greatest Chess Games Vol1 Stohl I.2005€30.00
Genius in the Background Karolyi2009€24.99
Great Chess Romantics Pritchett C.2013€20.00
Greatest 365 Puzzles Csaba B.2012€19.95
Hooked on Chess, a memoir Hook William2008€19.95
How Magnus Carlsen Became the Youngest Chess Grandmaster in the World Agdestein2013€19.95
How to be Lucky in Chess LeMoir D.2001€22.00
How to crush Your Chess Opponents Williams S.2008€7.50
How to think in chess Przewoznik J. & Soszynski2001€12.50
Instructive Modern Chess Masterpieces (2nd edition) Stohl I.2009€22.50
Interview with a grandmaster Summerscale A. & C.2001€24.25
It's Your Move : Tough Puzzles Ward C.2003€20.35
Jan Timman, De Geest van het Spel Kuipers John2011€24.50
Johannes Zukertort Michael Adams2014€34.95
Jon Speelman's Chess Puzzle Book Speelman J.2008€15.00
Judit Polgar - How I beat Fischer΄s Record Polgar J.2012€24.99
Juit Polgar - From GM to Top 10 (hardcover) Polgar J.2013€29.99
Kasparov: How his predecessors misled him about chess Tibor Kαrolyi & Nick Aplin2009€19.00
King's, Commoners and Knives Winter A.1999€33.00
Korchnoi Move by Move Lakdawala C.2014€23.00
Kramnik Move By Move Lakdawala2012€24.00
Larsen Move By Move Lakdawala C.2014€24.00
Leko's One Hundred Wins Soloviov S.2003€26.50
Lessons with a grandmaster Gulko B. & Sneed J.2011€20.00
Linares! Linares! Ten Geuzendam D.J.2001€15.95
Ljubomir Ljubojevic 2011€39.90
Logische Phantasien Dittmann W., Geister A. & Kutzborski D.1986€6.00
Magnus Force Crouch C.2013€20.00
Magnus, Biografie van een Grootmeester Danielsen2014€19.00
Mannheim 1914 and the Interned Russians Gillam A.2014€60.00
Materialen zu Fischers Partien Hubner Robert2004€22.00
Matten, schaakverhalen 10 & 11 Dirk Jan Ten Geuzendam e.a.2011€24.50
Matten, schaakverhalen 12 (laatste uitgave) Dirk Jan Ten Geuzendam e.a.2013€14.95
Matten, schaakverhalen 2 diverse2007€11.95
Matten, schaakverhalen 3 Dirk Jan Ten Geuzendam e.a.2007€11.95
Matten, schaakverhalen 4 Dirk Jan Ten Geuzendam e.a.2008€11.95
Matten, schaakverhalen 5 Ten Geuzendam2008€11.95
Matten, schaakverhalen 6 Ten Geuzendam2009€11.95
Matten, schaakverhalen 7 Dirk Jan Ten Geuzendam e.a.2010€11.95
Matten, schaakverhalen 8 Dirk Jan Ten Geuzendam e.a.2010€11.95
Matten, schaakverhalen 9 Dirk Jan Ten Geuzendam e.a.2011€12.95
Max Euwe Mόnninghoff A.2001€27.25
Meine besten Kδmpfe Vol1: Partien mit Weiss Korchnoi V.2001€25.50
Meine besten Kδmpfe Vol2: Partien mit Schwarz Korchnoi V.2001€25.50
Mikhail Tal's Best Games 1: The Magic of Youth (hardcover) Karolyi2014€29.99
Mikhail Tal΄s Best Games Vol.1: 1949 - 1959 (hardcover) Karolyi2014€29.99
Mikhail Tal΄s Best Games Vol.1: 1949 - 1959 (paperback) Karolyi2014€24.99
My Best Games of Chess 1905-1954 Tartakower S.2015€29.95
My Best Games of Chess 1908-1937 Alekhine A.2013€29.95
My Best Games Vol 1 : Games with White Korchnoi V.2002€33.00
My Best Games Vol2: Games with Black Korchnoi V.2001€33.00
My Great Predecessors I Kasparov G.2003€33.00
My Great Predecessors II Kasparov G.2003€33.00
My Great Predecessors III Kasparov G.2004€33.00
My Great Predecessors IV Kasparov G.2004€33.00
My Great Predecessors V Kasparov G.2006€33.00
My Most memorable Games Gelfand Boris2005€29.95
My One Hundred Best games Dreev2007€27.00
New York 1924 Alekhine A.2009€27.95
New York 1927 Alekhine A.2011€17.95
New York 1936 Hilbert J. & Lahde P.2000€24.00
Nimzowitsch: Move by Move Giddins Steve2014€23.00
Nottingham 1936 Alekhine A.2009€21.95
Paul Morphy Maroczy2012€46.00
Paul Morphy Lawson2010€21.95
Paul Morphy a modern Perspective Beim Valeri2005€21.00
Petrosian Move By Move Engqvist T.2014€23.00
Profession: Chessplayer , Grandmaster at Work Tukmakov V.2012€24.95
Purdy's Fine Art of Chess Annotation Vol 2 Purdy2001€24.75
Rampant Chess, Over 60 great games by Scottish Masters Chandler G & Ruxton K.2008€22.50
Reggio Emilia 2007/2008 Marin & Garrett2009€23.99
Rudolf Spielmann: Master of invention Mc Donald2006€20.35
Russian Silhouettes Sosonko G.2001€21.00
Russians versus Fischer (hardcover) Plisetsky D. & Voronkov S.2005€34.00
San Luis 2005 Gersho A. & Nor I.2007€29.99
Schaakstudiespinsels Vandecasteele I.2008€20.00
Schaakwonder Agdestein Simen2004€19.95
Secret Notes Bronstein2007€30.00
Secrets of Chess Intuition Beliavsky A. & Mikhalchishin A2002€18.00
Secrets of Practical Chess Nunn J.2007€20.00
Smart chip from St.Petersburg Sosonko G.2006€24.00
Solving in style Nunn J.2002€7.50
St.Petersburg 1909 Lasker E.2008€19.95
Tal-Botvinnik 1960 Tal2003€22.00
The Chess Puzzle Book 4 : mastering the Positional Principles Mόller K. & Markgraf A.2012€20.00
The Classical Era of Modern Chess Monte P.J.2014€53.00
The Genius and the Misery of Chess Kaikamjozov2008€15.00
The Grandmaster's Mind Avni A.2004€7.50
The Hague-Moscow 1948 Euwe2013€24.95
The Improving Annotator Heisman D.2010€15.00
The Joys of Chess Hesse2011€29.90
The KGB Plays Chess Gulko, Kortschnoi, Popov & Feltschtinski2010€17.95
The King 2006€27.95
The Life & Games of Akiva Rubinstein Volume 1 (OUT OF STOCK) Donaldson & Minev2006€29.95
The Life and games of Akiva Rubinstein Vol 2 The Later Years Donaldson J. & Minev N.2012€32.95
The Life and Games of Mikhail Tal Tal Mikhail2002€24.00
The Most Instructive Games of Chess Chernev I.2014€21.00
The Reliable Past Sosonko G.2003€21.95
The search for Chess Perfection II Purdy CJS2006€29.00
The Sorcerer's Apprentice Bronstein & Fόrstenberg2009€29.95
The Stress of Chess Browne W.2012€29.95
The Ultimate Chess Puzzle Book Emms2000€20.00
The Zurich Chess Club, 1809-2009 Forster2011€47.50
Three days with Bobby Fischer Alburt L. & Lawrence A.2003€30.00
Understanding Chess Lombardy William2011€49.95
Vassily Ivanchuk Kalienchenko2013€28.95
Vienna 1922 Evans L.2011€17.95
Vishy Anand: World Chess Champion, life and games Anand & Nunn2012€23.00
Wat is er mis, meneer Kasparov? Bouwmans & Kastelijn2009€15.95
Why we lose at chess Crouch C.2010€20.00
Wij Presenteren ... De Loper Afek Y. & Bφhm H.2013€22.95
Wij Presenteren ... De Toren Bφhm & Afek Y.2011€22.95
Winning Chess Brilliancies Seirawan Y.2003€22.00
Winning quickly at chess Nunn J.2007€7.50
Yearbook 113 NIC Editorial Team2014€29.95
Zurich 1953 Najdorf M.2012€29.95
Zwart Op Wit, verslag van een schakersleven van der Sterren Paul2011€29.90

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