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Common sense in chess
Titel: Common sense in chess
Auteur: Lasker
Uitgever: Russell Enterprises
Jaartal: 2007
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's:   127
Verkoopprijs:   Ä 17.95
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In the spring of 1895, reigning world chess champion Emanuel Lasker gave a series of lectures in London. These were geared to the level of the club players, or intermediate level. Later that year Lasker gathered his lecture material together and wrote it up in manuscript form to be published, retaining the informal, conversational tone of the lectures.

The result was Common Sense in Chess, long regarded as a classic both during Lasker"es lifetime and for generations afterwards. It is a masterpiece of compression and exposition, and in the whole of chess literature, there is nothing that quite compares with it.

Respected chess author Bruce Alberston has taken Lasker"es classic and created a 21 st century edition. The text has been converted to modern algebraic notation and more diagrams have been added (there are now more than 330 diagrams!). Splendidly complementing Lasker"es original masterpiece, Alberston has added seven games annotated by Lasker that were played in the famous Hastings Tournament of 1895.

004 Acknowledgments, Symbols and Abbreviations

005 Editor's Introduction

007 Author's Preface

008 Chapter One - Opening Principles

014 Chapter Two - Ruy Lopez, Part One

019 Chapter Three - Ruy Lopez, Part Two

026 Chapter Four - Evans Gambit

032 Chapter Five - King's Bishop's Gambit

036 Chapter Six - French Defence

044 Chapter Seven - The Attack

062 Chapter Eight - The Defence

073 Chapter Nine - The End Game

094 Chapter Ten - Last Round at Hastings

099 Chapter Eleven - Lasker Annotates

115 Analytical Endnotes

124 Summary of Tournament Results 1889-1936

125 Summary of Match Results 1889-1921

126 Index of Players

127 Index of Openings

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