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Play the Ponziani
Titel: Play the Ponziani
Auteur: Taylor & Hayward K.
Uitgever: Everyman chess
Jaartal: 2010
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's:   301
Verkoopprijs:   Ä 19.00
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The Ponziani Opening enjoys a long history, but for some unknown reason it has been neglected in recent times. Don't be fooled by its apparently harmless reputation: the Ponziani is full of tricks and catches many unsuspecting opponents by surprise. It's also a perfect weapon for those who don't fancy learning reams of theory.

In Play the Ponziani , Dave Taylor and Keith Hayward present a comprehensive guide to this intriguing opening. They identify the best lines for both White and Black, and highlight the key tactical and positional ideas. This book provides everything you need to know to play the Ponziani in your own games.

  • Ideal for improvers, club players and tournament players
  • Bonus coverage of what to do if Black avoids the Ponziani
  • Packed with original ideas and analysis

Dave Taylor is a former United States Correspondence Chess Champion, with an amazing score of 13 wins and one draw.

Keith Hayward is a FIDE Master, and an International Master of correspondence chess. He's a regular contributor for, one of the most popular online chess magazines.

005 Bibliography

009 Introduction

012 Illustrative Games

040 3...Nf6 with 5...Ne7

062 3...Nf6 with 5...Nb8

099 3...Nf6 with 4...exd4

131 3...Nf6 Miscellaneous Responses

147 3...d5 4 Qa4 Bd7

159 3...d5 4 Qa4 f6

190 3...d5 4 Qa4 Miscellaneous Responses

207 3...d5 4 Bb5

225 3...f5

250 3...d6

265 3...Be7 and Other 3rd Moves

281 Miscellaneous 2nd Move Defences

290 Index of Variations

301 Index of Complete Games

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