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Paul Morphy
Titel: Paul Morphy
Auteur: Lawson
Uitgever: UL press
Jaartal: 2010
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's:   398
Verkoopprijs:   Ä 21.95
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vii Acknowledgments

ix Editor's Introduction

xix A Note on the Text

xxvii Autor's Introduction

xxiiiLawson Photo Gallery

001 The New World Welcomes

009 Three Encounters and a Problem

021 A Surprise Encounter

033 From School to the Mississippi

049 The National Chess Congress

065 First Prize and Congress Aftermath

081 The Challenge

091 London and Lowenthal

107 Staunton and Stakes

125 Harrwitz and "Letters of Gold"

135 The Staunton Miscarriage

157 La Rťgence and Society

165 "Morphy Won't Let Me"

184Morphy Image Gallery

199 "The World Is His Fatherland"

207 Farewell to England

217 Testimonials and the Queen's Knight

241 Morphy and the Ledger

253 The Deacon Games

269 Odds Before Even

275 Kolisch, Secession, and Cuba

285 Paris and Petroff

293 Paul Morphy, Attorney at Law

299 Paris, Frustration, and Obsessions

313 Psychoanalysts and Paul Morphy

321 The Pride and Sorrow of Chess

329 Trophies and Authenticity

341 Appendix

281 Author's Bibliography

385 Editor's Annotated Bibliography

391 Index

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