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New York 1927
Titel: New York 1927
Auteur: Alekhine A.
Uitgever: Russel
Jaartal: 2011
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's:   168
Verkoopprijs:   Ä 17.95
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For decades, Alexander Alekhine's account of New York 1927 was at the top of the list of works that should have been rendered into English but unaccountably were not.

This is unlike any other tournament book ever written. Not only do you have one of the greatest annotators of all time rendering some brilliant analysis, but he melds it with an exceptional agenda, an anti-Capablanca agenda. And since he wrote it after defeating Capablanca in their marathon match, he sounds like a sore loser who became a sore winner.

So, this is just a mean-spirited book, right? Nothing of the sort. Alekhine goes beyond elaborate move analysis and offers deep positional insights and psychological observations. Nikolai Grigoriev, in his foreword to the 1930 Russian edition of this book, pointed out how Alekhine broke new ground by underlining the critical moments of each game.

Why Alekhine's work was published in German, in Berlin in 1928, and not in English, is unclear. But now, after more than 80 years, it's finally available to the largest audience of chessplayers. It's about time.

004 Foreword

010 Editor's Note

012 Crosstable

013 The 1927 New York Tournament as Prologue to the World Championship in Buenos Aires

Cycle I

026 First Round

034 Second Round

043 Third Round

048 Fourth Round

058 Fifth Round

Cycle II

065 Sixth Round

071 Seventh Round

080 Eighth Round

089 Ninth Round

097 Tenth Round

Cycle III

103 Eleventh Round

111 Twelfth Round

116 Thirteenth Round

122 Fourteenth Round

127 Fifteenth Round

Cycle IV

134 Sixteenth Round

141 Seventeenth Round

146 Eighteenth Round

151 Nineteenth Round

160 Twentieth Round

167 Index of Players

168 Index of Openings

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