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Judit Polgar - How I beat Fischerīs Record
Titel: Judit Polgar - How I beat Fischerīs Record
Auteur: Polgar J.
Uitgever: Quality Chess
Jaartal: 2012
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's:   384
Verkoopprijs:   Ä 24.99
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Judit Polgar - How I beat Fischerīs Record
Judit Polgar Teaches Chess 1

Notions of chess have been shattered by a teen-age Hungarian girl - some call her modest and soft-spoken, but many opponents know her as a ferocious tiger over the board - who after years of steady progress began breathing down the necks of the top men and now has broken the barrier of one of the world's most exclusive clubs: she has earned the rank of grandmaster at 15 years, 5 months, one month younger than Bobby Fischer when he did it 34 years ago." New York Times, 1992

Great achievements often take a lifetime of preparation, but when these achievements are becoming the World Number 1 at the age of 12 and the youngest ever grandmaster at the age of 15 you have to start early! In this very personal book Judit Polgar describes her early moments of success and the chess ideas she needed to master to achieve them.

This exceptional book is the beginning of a unique project where one of the greatest players of our time transforms her personal journey to the top into a roadmap for everyone who ever wanted to better themselves in the game of chess.

Judit Polgar has been ranked 1st on the Women's rating list from 1988 to this day. In 2005 she became the only woman in chess history to participate in the World Championship final.

004 Key to Symbols used

005 Preface

009 1. Tricks

041 2. Mating Net

057 3. Trapping the Queen

063 4. Zwischenzug

069 5. Tales with an Unexpected End

077 6. Improving Piece Placement

095 7. Pawn Play

103 8. Piece Domination

121 9. A Lead in Development

133 10. Attacking the Uncastled King

163 11. The Art of Simplifying & Elements of Endgame Technique

199 12. Attacking without Queens

227 13. Decisive Games

251 14. Memorable Games

315 15. Amsterdam 1989 OHRA Tournament Diary

376 Records and Results

378 Game Index

381 Name Index


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