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The Dark Knight System
Titel: The Dark Knight System
Auteur: Schuyler James
Uitgever: Everyman
Jaartal: 2013
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's:   224
Verkoopprijs:   Ä 19.00
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Welcome to the Dark Knight System, a weapon which can be used against virtually every opening White can play!

In the Dark Knight System, Black begins with 1...Nc6 and adopts a dark-square strategy. The Dark Knight system is a potent mix of several other openings, blending portions of the Kingís Indian, Pirc, Scotch, Tango, but it contains many independent lines too. It forces White onto his own devices very early on in the game. When forced to improvise, even strong players are prone to playing weak moves or expending their time and energy in the opening.

In this book, FIDE Master James Schuyler invites you to join him in a study of his favourite Black opening. Drawing on over 25 yearsí experience with 1...Nc6, he presents a repertoire for Black, studies the important tactical and strategic ideas, examines key issues such as move orders, and tells you everything you need to know about the Dark Knight System.

  • A repertoire for Black with 1...Nc6

  • Covers 1 e4, 1 d4, 1 c4 and other moves

  • Packed with new ideas and critical analysis

007 Introduction

013 Weak Colour Complex

015Section One: 1 d4 Nc6

018 1) 2 Nf3

034 2) 2 c4

043 3) 2 d5

055Section Two: 1 e4 Nc6

057 4) 2 d4

092 5) 2 Nf3

114 6) 2 Nc3

119Section Three: Others

120 7) 1 c4 Nc6

127 8) 1 Nf3 Nc6

129 9) Others

132 10) Miscellaneous Topics

134 Illustrative Games

213 Index of Variations

222 Index of Games

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