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Aron Nimzowitsch 1928 - 1935
Titel: Aron Nimzowitsch 1928 - 1935
Auteur: Reinhardt Rudolf
Uitgever: New In Chess
Jaartal: 2013
Taal: Engels
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Aron Nimzowitsch 1928 - 1935

Annotated Games & Essays



007 Foreword by Raymond Keene

009 Anthologist's Foreword

011 Preface of the German Publisher

012 Introduction (incomplete)

017 The Great International Chess Masters' Tournament in Bad Kissingen 1928

026 A Blockade Game (Mieses-Nimzowitsch)

044 International Grandmaster Tournament of the Berliner Tageblatt - Berlin 1928

046 The 'Twice-Won' Chess Game (Marshall-Nimzowilsch)

048 Two Endgames

051 The Early Draw (Nimzowitsch-Capablanca)

054 The Combinational Game (Reti-Nimzowitsch)

068 IV. International Chess Masters' Tournament Carlsbad 1929

069 The Great Success in Nimzowitsch's Chess Career!

071 Lang Live Optimism and Morning Gymnastics!

080 From the Bluebook of Centralization

113 The Carlsbad Game Nimzowitsch-Spielmann in the Light of Chess-Psychology Analysis

114 Lack of Malleability in Playing Style Causes Lass of Game!

128 International Masters' Tournament in San Remo 1930

133 Have the 'Fianchertoed' Bishops Lost Same thing of Their Popularity 7 (Ahues-N.)

141 The Winning of a Tournament Game as a Painful Affair..

142 Are There Chess Truths? (by Dr. S.G. Tartakower) (Bogoljubow-Nimzowitsch)

150 Samething about Defence (Grau-Nimzowitsch)

152 You Think You're Pushing and You Are Pushed (article by R. Spielmann)

160 International Chess Masters' Tournament Liege 1930

161 Liege and Frankfurt or: The Rueful Return to the System

176 The International Masters' Tournament at Frankfurt am Main, 1930

191 Centralization (illustrated by three games from Frankfurt am Main)

194 System and Intuition (Colle-Nimzowitsch / N.-Ahues / Mannheimer-N.)

199 Training Matches in Bern, 1931

199 Three Months as a Chess Teacher in Switzerland

200 The Problem ofDefence (N.-Zimmermann, l.Rd. / N.-lohner)

211 35th Swiss Chess Championship in Winterthur 1931

214 The Curse of the Rigid Line of Defence

231 The International Grandmaster Tournament in Bled (V eldes ) 1931

232 Is My Third Prize in Bled to be Considered a Relative Failure?

233 My Play in theTournament in Bled

266 Mixed Masters' Tournament, Copenhagen 1933

277 An Honourable Defeat (Nimzowitsch-B.Nielsen)

282 Stahlberg-Nimzowitsch Match in Gothenburg 1934

282 Stahl berg a New Grandmaster!

297 Six - Player Tournament, Stockhohn 1934

297 Further Adventures in Swedenland (Nimzowitsch-Lundin)

310 Nimzowitsch-Stoltz Match in Stockhohn 1934

310 My Match against Stoltz

317 International Tournament and 37th Swiss Championship in ZŁrich, 1934

331 Nordie Chess Congress Copenhagen 1934

339 The Master and the Amateurs

339 The Gifted Amateur

346 The Idea of Correspondence Chess

350 Nimzowitsch as a Simultaneous Player

350 A Simultaneous Game in Accord with the Foregoing Lecture (A Game in the Style of Alekhine)

352 Three Months as Chess Teacher in Switzerland

356 Difficult Simultaneous Games

367 Various Articles by A. Nimzowitsch

367 Attack or Defence. On the Strategy ofthe Struggle ofChess and Life [1928]

368 The Self-Criticism of the Fighter. A Contemporary Reflection [1928]

370 Lasker's All-Encompassing Playing Style [1929]

371 The 'Almost-Combinational' Game - A modern, all too modern occurrence [1929]

374 The Type of Drawing Player a la Capablanca as a Modern Game of Deception [1929]

377 The Mistake and the Sin of Omission - A harmless fairytale

378 On the Significance of Prophylaxis to Chess Strategy and Chess Psychology - Illustrated in a continuity of two positions and one game

381 Is 'Simplicity' Beautiful? [1929]

382 The Russian Game-Style of Old and Now [1929]

387 How Grandmasters Train [1930]

391 In Memory of Michael I vanovich Chigorin [1933]

395 Nimzowitsch Plays King's Gambit! (game against Schweinburg. Berlin 1934)

399 Some Facts about Nimzowitsch's Life

403 Tribute to RudolfReinhardt (by Michael Negele)

405 Remembrances of Rudolf Reinhardt (by Andreas Saremba)

409 List ofSources

411 Index of Games

413 Index of Openings

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