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Johannes Zukertort
Titel: Johannes Zukertort
Auteur: Michael Adams
Uitgever: New In Chess
Jaartal: 2014
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's:   541
Verkoopprijs:   Ä 34.95
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A sone of the contestants in the first official World Championship match in 1886, Johannes Hermann Zukertort (1842-1888), is undeniably one of the great players of chess his tory. Despite a commanding lead in the early stages ofthat match, Zukertort ultimately had to bow for Steinitz, plagued by health problems that would cause his untimely death only rwo years later. The high-point of Zukertort' s career was his triumph at the 1883 'super-toumament' in London. His dazzling win against Blackburne still stands as one of the greatest games of all time. Acdaimed chess author J imm y Adams presents a selection ofZukertort' s best games, mainly annotated by Zukertort hirnself, and a collection ofinsightful artides on Zukertort from contemporary sources. In this monumental book, originally published in 1989 in a limited edition and highly sought after by chess collectors, Jimmy Adams brings Zukertort' s master- pieces to the notice of today' s chess world and secures his rightful place in history as an important link between the old combinational and the modern positional school.

Jimmy Adams is a prolific chess author, who has written, translated and compiled a wide range ofbooks on openings, historical tournaments and legendary players. From 1991 to 2010 he was the editor of the English magazinechess .


008 Explanation of Symbols

009 Introduction by J. Adams

Part One - The Articles

012 Zukertort by H. Golombek

013 Zukertort by F. Reinfeld

015 Zukertort in Germany by O. Koch

018 Zukertort and Anderssen by C. Sander

021 The Chess Crichton by I.O. Howard Taylor

024 The Zukertort Legend by J. Adams

026 The Chess Apostlen from Westminster Papers

028 Death of Dr. Zukertort by L. Hoffer

032 Steinitz on Zukertort by W. Steinitz

036 A Portrait of Dr.Zukertort by Rev. G.A. MacDonnell

041 J.H.Zukertort: An English Appreciation by J.G. Cunningham

047 J.H.Zukertort: A German Appreciation by H. von Gottschall

051 In Commemoration of ].H.Zukertort by J. Mieses

054 Zukertort's Breakdown by J. Adams

059 Zukertort and Steinitz by Y. Neishtadt

094 Zukertort Jottings by various authors

Part Two - The Games

112 Zukertort's Tournament and Match Record

114 Tournament and Match Data

117 Student Years in Breslau 1862-1867

136 Berlin - Match with Anderssen 1868

148 Tournaments at Aachen 1868, Hamburg and Barmen 1869

181 Victory over Anderssen 1871

201 London 1872 and Match with Steinitz

210 City of London Handicap 1874

225 Match with Potter 1875

258 Simpson's Divan Tournarnent and World Blindfold Record, London 1876

277 Match with Blackburne and Tournaments at Leipzig and Cologne 1877

302 Paris 1878

327 Matches with Owen 1878 and Minehin 1879

341 Match with Rosenthai 1880

362 Match with Blackburne and Berlin Tournament 1881

395 Vienna 1882

407 London 1883

438 TourofU.S.A. 1883-1884

465 Tour of Europe 1885

475 World Championship Match with Steinitz 1886

498 Tournaments in London and Nottingham 1886

506 British Chess Club Handicap, Match with Blackburne and Frankfurt 1887

519 Last Tournaments in London 1887 -1888

531 Game List

539 Index of Players

541 Index of Openings

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