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The Modern Tiger (softcover)
Titel: The Modern Tiger (softcover)
Auteur: Hillarp Persson T.
Uitgever: Quality Chess
Jaartal: 2014
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's:   536
Verkoopprijs:   Ä 24.99
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Tigerís Modern from 2005 is a modern classic, but has fallen out of date. Instead of writing a typical second edition, Swedish grandmaster Tiger Hillarp Persson has chosen to write a new book on the same topic, building on the original framework, re-analysing every line, and adding over forty new illustrative games to his unique interpretation of the Modern Defence.

The Modern Tiger offers a complete repertoire against 1.e4, as well as against 1.d4 when White continues with c4 and e4. For added flexibility, both a Modern line and a Pirc line are given against the critical Austrian Attack.

GM Tiger Hillarp Persson is a Modern aficionado who is widely admired for his creative style and original ideas.


004 Key to symbols used and Bibliography

005 Preface

008 Acknowledgements

009 4.f4 - Austrian Style

098 4.f4 Nf6 - The Back-up Plan

151 Flexible Dragon Unleashed

201 Flexible Dragon Restrained

246 The Hippopotamus

299 Classical Variation

338 4.Bg5 - Into Midair

352 4.Bc4 - Mad Dog

394 Fianchetto (In Excelsis)

421 Lazy Variation with c2-c3

449 Unusual Lines

476 Averbakh Variation

529 Index of Main Games

531 Variation Index

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