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Chess Informant 122
Titel: Chess Informant 122
Auteur: Informator
Uitgever: Chess Informant
Jaartal: 2014
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's:   352
Verkoopprijs:   Ä 29.95
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Carlsen-Anand world championship match 2014:
  • The master of quiet positions - by gm Ernesto Inarkiev (28 pages)
  • Sochi equation - by gm aleksandar colovic (2 pages)
Avoiding the saemisch by a less travelled road - old indian defence a54 - by gm Alexander Morozevich (13 pages)

A challenge - reflections on the midnight in Moscow column (2 pages)

Topalov's comeback - by gm Ivan Sokolov (14 pages)

Is chess is a matter of memory? - Lasker's double sacrifice - by gm Mihail Marin (13 pages)

Back to the midnight sun 1 - theoretically important games from the chess olympiad (Tarrasch, Scandinavian and Dutch) - by gm Wesley So(15 pages)

Back to the midnight sun 2 - the women's olympiad had its own share of drama and excitement - by gm Ktevan Aakhamia-Gant (19 pages)

Trending now: 1.b3 the Nimzowitsch-Larsen opening! - by gm Sarunas Sulskis (13 pages)

Advanced opening guide: Berlin Ruy Lopez - by gm Emanuel Berg (12 pages)

The principle of two weaknesses - by gm Karsten Mueller (11 pages)

Ci labs
  • b51 sicilian defence moscow variation - by gm Eduardas Rozentalis (7 pages)
  • e69 king's indian defence, fianchetto variation - by gm Robert Markus (9 pages)
C3 sicilian b22 - 4th part - by gm Vassilios Kotronias (22 pages)

Games: 200 games annotated in traditional non-language style

Combinations - by gm Branko Tadic

Endings - by im Goran Arsovic

Studies - by im Yochanan Afek


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