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Winning Chess Manoeuvres
Titel: Winning Chess Manoeuvres
Auteur: Guliev S.
Uitgever: New In Chess
Jaartal: 2015
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's:   240
Verkoopprijs:   Ä 24.95
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When a chess master finds a winning strategic idea it is seldom by accident. An amateur, staring at a position on the chess board is often fumbling in the dark, his head spinning with a multitude of general rules and vague notions. The masterís approach is concrete. He knows how and where to look, because he has studied the games of other masters.

In this book, Sarhan Guliev presents a wide range of strategic manoeuvres that have been repeatedly employed by great chess players. He shows how masters generate ideas from the games of other masters:
  • positional sacrifices
  • amazing counterplay concepts
  • unorthodox exchanges
  • winning with g2 - g4 or h2-h4
  • overcoming a blockade
  • the advantages of double pawns
  • the e5 pawn wedge
  • the uses of the queen-bishop battery
  • and much more.
Winning Chess Manoeuvres is brimming with interesting and instructive stories about the chess greats, and written in an accessible and entertaining style.

After studying this book, ambitious chess players will find winning strategic manoeuvres quicker and more often. They will not find them by accident or by relying on general principles, but because they have built up a large stockpile of highly practical ideas.

International Grandmaster and FIDE Senior Coach Sarhan Guliev won the championship of Azerbaijan three times. He is a highly experienced chess teacher, coach and writer.


006 Explanation of Symbols

007 Foreword

018 Chapter 1: The Janowski Incident or Grief out of Wit

026 Chapter 2: Non-Routine Exchanges

035 Chapter 3: Connecting the Endgame with the Opening

043 Chapter 4 The Battle of the Major Pieces

063 Chapter 5: Dances with the Knights

075 Chapter 6: The Shuttle Manoeuvre

081 Chapter 7: Positional Sacrifices (Part One)

090 Chapter 8: Positional Sacrifices (Part Two)

109 Chapter 9: Standing on the Shoulders of the Classics

113 Chapter 10: Fancy some Solving?

123 Chapter 11: The Pawn Prod

128 Chapter 12: Doubled Pawns are Cool!

137 Chapter 13: Alekhineís Nail

146 Chapter 14: Attack and Counterattack with a Closed Centre

154 Chapter 15: g2-g4, and White wins

159 Chapter 16: h2-h4, and White wins

166 Chapter 17: Overcoming the Blockade

175 Chapter 18: With the Mirrorís Help

181 Chapter 19: Fischerís Hedgehog and Morphyís Needles

185 Chapter 20: March of the Tank Columns

196 Chapter 21: The Dialectics of Weakness

204 Chapter 22: Structure and Plan

212 Chapter 23: Torture to any Taste

221 Chapter 24: Indirect Borrowings

228 Afterword

228 From Ecclesiastes to Eliskases

232 Biography

232 Bibliography

234 Index of Games

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