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Interview with a grandmaster
Titel: Interview with a grandmaster
Auteur: Summerscale A. & C.
Jaartal: 2001
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's:   144
Verkoopprijs:   Ä 24.25
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There are many talented chessplayers in the world, but very few make it to the exalted level of grandmaster. In this book Aaron and Claire Summerscale question grandmasters about what makes them tick and how they have acquired the highest title that can be awarded in chess. What are the key factors? Talent, hard work, determination or a combination of all three? Read this book and find out.

  • Numerous interviews with some of the gameīs leading practitioners

  • Deeply annoted games reveal how grandmasters approach positions

  • Many useful insights into what it takes to become a grandmaster

List of Content

004 Bibliography

005 Introduction

007 Michael Adams

022 Yasser Seirawan

042 Nigel Short

053 Alexander Khalifman

067 Joel Lautier

081 Sofia Polgar

090 Julian Hodgson

105 Emil Sutovsky

124 Jonathan Rowson

143 Conclusion

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