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Starting out: the English
Titel: Starting out: the English
Auteur: Mc. Donald N.
Uitgever: Everyman
Jaartal: 2003
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's:   191
Verkoopprijs:   Ä 18.00
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These books are perfect for enthusiastic chess players who are starting out in the game, and who are seeking to understand the basic principles behind these important openings. These books are written in a user-friendly style with an abundance of notes, tips and warnings scattered throughout while key strategies, ideas and tactics for both sides are clearly illustrated. The authors of these books are very skilled and experienced chess writers, who are used to writing for players of all levels and are renowned for their ability to explain ideas in a lucid and straightforward manner.

Grandmaster Neil McDonald is a chess coach and trainer

This book is deal for those wanting to understand the basics of the English Opening. The English is a sophisticated and popular opening system that is suitable for all types of players and can lead to both positional and tactical middlegames. Many of the world's top players, including Kasparov and Kramnik, include the English in their openings weaponry.

In this groundbreaking book, Grandmaster Neil McDonald revisits the basic principles behind the English and its many variations. Throughout this easy-to-read guide the reader is aided by a wealth of notes, tips and warnings from the author, while key strategies, ideas and tactics for both sides are clearly illustrated. This book is ideal for the improving player.

- Written by an openings expert

- All the important lines are covered

- A back-to-basics look at one of the most important openings

006 Bibliography

007 Introduction

009 Move Order in the English

011 1 Symmetrical English 1: Black's Kingside Fianchetto

034 2 Symmetrical English 2: Early Action in the Centre

057 3 Symmetrical English 3: The Hedgehog

075 4 The Nimzo-English

090 5 The Four Knights: Black plays without ...d7-d5

115 6 The Reversed Dragon

126 7 Black Plays a Kings Indian Set-Up

150 8 Reti Lines

170 9 Other Variations

187 Index of Complete Games

189 Index of Variations


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