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Nunn's Chess Openings
Titel: Nunn's Chess Openings
Auteur: Nunn & Burgess & Emms & Gallagher
Uitgever: Gambit & Everyman chess
Jaartal: 1999
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's:   544
Verkoopprijs:   Ä 30.00
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Nunnīs Chess Openings is the chess-playerīs new bible. This single volume covers all chess openings in detail and will enable every chess-player, right up to grandmaster standard, to play the opening with confidence.

Introduction by John Nunn (excerpts):

"Nunnīs Chess Openings" offers more than just a summary of existing analysis. There are literally hundreds of innovations here, some of them overturning incorrect lines which have been repeated time after time in earlier openings books. However, you will have to look to find them. In a standard opening book the author can take considerable space presenting his innovation: first of all he lovingly details all the previous occasions on which the erroneous analysis has been given; then, with a great fanfare of trumpets, he wheels out his new move with a diagram and a bouquet of exclamation marks. All in all, he can easily spend more than half a page on his innovation. In Nunnīs Chess Openings there is no fanfare of trumpets, although we have occasionally allowed ourselves an exclamation mark. In addition to saving vital space, this is in accordance with the philosophy of the book: we are interested in correct analysis, so where earlier analysis has been proved incorrect we have usually just omitted it und substituted the new line. Some examples of this attitude may be found in footnote 24 on page 274 (demolishing Informator and Encyclopaedia of Chess Openings), footnote 5 on page 344 (overturning Informator, Encyclopaedia of Chess Openings and Anandīs monograph on the Marshall Attack) and footnote 22 on page 524 (refuting Encyclopaedia of Chess Openings).

Each major opening has a general introduction (using words!), which gives a brief overview of the openings and indicates any important points which cannot be expressed using languageless symbols."

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