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The dynamic English
Titel: The dynamic English
Auteur: Kosten T.
Uitgever: Gambit
Jaartal: 2001
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's:   144
Verkoopprijs:   Ä 18.00
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004 Symbols and Abbreviations
005 Bibliography
006 Introduction

011 Part 1: Reversed Sicilian: 1...e5
013 1. The Botvinnik System: 2...Nc6 and 3...g6
032 2. Grand Prix Attack Reversed: 2...Nc6 and 3...f5
037 3. The Three Knights System: 4...Bc5
043 4. The Three Knights System: 4...Bb4
046 5. Dragon Reversed: 2...Nf6 and 3...d5
053 6. The Keres System: 2...Nf6 and 3...c6
060 7. Other Second Moves for Black

069 Part 2: Symmetry: 1...c5
073 8. The Symmetrical Variation: ...g6 and ...Nc6
094 9. The Rubinstein Variation: 2...Nf6 and 3...d5
101 10. The Keres-Parma Variation: ...e6 and ...d5

108 Part 3: Other First Moves for Black
110 11. The Pseudo-GrŁnfeld System: 1...Nf6 and 2...d5
115 12. The Dutch: 1...f5
124 13. 1...g6
132 14. 1...c6
137 15. 1...e6
141 16. The English Defence: 1...b6

143 Index of Variations  

Catalogue text:

In the first book to explain the popular English Opening for many years, Grandmaster Kosten supplies players of the white side with a set of weapons that will equip them to challenge any opponent they face.
Kosten concentrates on aggressive treatments of the English - an approach that has brought him great success in tournament play. His book provides everything you need to start attacking with the English Opening.

  • By a skilful writer with many years of experience with the English
  • An ideal balance of explanation and analysis
  • Practical examples illustrate the key themes

Grandmaster Tony Kosten comes from England, but has been based in France for many years. He is a regular and successful competitor in international tournaments, and is so respected in his adopted country that he has been appointed trainer for the French national team.

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