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Chess Tactics
Titel: Chess Tactics
Auteur: Littlewood P.
Uitgever: Batsford
Jaartal: 2004
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's:   143
Verkoopprijs:   Ä 20.50
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A new edition of one of the most lucid chess instructors ever written.

The author takes the reader from a basic knowledge of the elements of tactical play to the identification of more complex and concealed combinations such as those that arise in the hurly-burly of competitive chess.

Pin, skewer, double and discovered attack, decoy, deflection, interception and overloading are just some of the colourful themes defined and illustrated by a wealth of striking practical examples.

Moreover, at the end of each chapter readers are invited to test their new­found knowledge and skill by solving , the challenging test positions.

This practical self-teacher will enable youngsters and adults alike to spice up their play by mastering the art of chess tactics.

List of Content

005 Introduction

007 1 Pins

017 2 Skewers

025 3 Double Attack

033 4 Discovered Attack

042 5 Back Rank Combinations

049 6 Overloading

056 7 Deflection

064 8 Decoying

074 9 Removal of Defence

084 10 Interception

092 11 Space Clearance

099 12 The Zwischenzug

106 13 Pawn Promotion

117 14 Draw

128 15 Miscellaneous Problems

134 Solutions to Problems

143 Bibliography

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