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Starting out: King's Indian Attack
Titel: Starting out: King's Indian Attack
Auteur: Emms J.
Uitgever: Everyman
Jaartal: 2005
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's:   224
Verkoopprijs:   Ä 20.00
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The King's Indian Attack was a firm favourite of the legendary Bobby Fischer, and more recently it has been utilised with great success by world-class Grandmasters such as Alexander Morozevich. The renowned chess coach Mark Dvoretsky regards the King's Indian Attack as a perfect weapon on which to base an opening repertoire. Its great advantage over other openings is that it's a thematic system that can be employed against many different lines, while the emphasis is on the understanding of ideas rather than the dry memorisation of moves. The King's Indian Attack leads to rich middlegame positions that are full of dynamic possibilities for both sides.

In this easy-to-use guide, King's Indian Attack expert Angus Dunnington goes back to basics, studying the fundamental principles of the King's Indian Attack and its numerous lines. Throughout the book there are an abundance of notes, tips and warnings to help the improving player, while key strategies, ideas and tactics for both sides are clearly illustrated.

  • User-friendly design to help readers absorb ideas

  • Concentrates on the key principles of the King's Indian Attack

  • Ideal for the improving player

List of Content

004 Bibliography

005 Introduction

009 1 KIA versus the French

076 2 KIA versus the Sicilian

127 3 KIA versus the Caro-Kann

147 4 The Reversed King's Indian

163 5 KIA versus the ...Bf5 System

180 6 KIA versus the ...Bg4 System

211 7 The Queen's Indian and the Dutch

220 Index ofVariations

223 Index of Complete Games

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