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Rudolf Spielmann: Master of invention
Titel: Rudolf Spielmann: Master of invention
Auteur: Mc Donald
Uitgever: Everyman Chess
Jaartal: 2006
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's:   143
Verkoopprijs:   Ä 20.35
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Rudolph Spielmann was one of the most fearsome attacking players in the history of chess. He was very much from the so-called 'Romantic School', where gambits were always accepted and checkmating the king was the only real thought of the players. His love of the Kings Gambit and similar aggressive openings earned him the respect of his peers early in his career and he went on to become one of the strongest Grandmasters of his time.

Neil McDonald takes a look back at how Spielmann overcame his opponents in dazzling style, carefully choosing and analysing some of Spielmann's most glorious attacks and famous combinations.

List of Content

005 Introduction

007 1 Rudolf Spielmann: Biography and Best Games

023 2 The Bountiful Bishop

038 3 The Noble Knight

050 4 Rampaging Rooks

062 5 Pawn Power

076 6 Terrifying Tactics

097 7 Catching the King in the Centre

109 8 Storming the Kingside

123 9 Solutions to Puzzles

143 Index of Opponents

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