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S.O.S. Secrets of Opening Surprises Vol 6
Titel: S.O.S. Secrets of Opening Surprises Vol 6
Auteur: Bosch J.
Uitgever: New in Chess
Jaartal: 2007
Taal: Engels
Aantal pagina's:   141
Verkoopprijs:   € 19.95
Bestel hier online: Voeg toe in de winkelwagen

The highly acclaimed SOS series provides intermediate chess players with perfectly playable, easily digestible opening ideas: deviations from main line opening theory in a very early stage of the game (usually before move six). Anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of the chess opening will be able to apply these SOS-ideas in an actual game.

There is no need to study large quantities of stuffy theory, but there is an almost immediate return on the investment of a limited amount of time. Readers of SOS will baffle their opponents, gain crucial time, and stand a good chance to get an advantage in the game.

009 1 Jeroen Bosch The SOS Files

016 2 Ian Rogers Triple Trouble for the Grünfeld

024 3 Jeroen Bosch Sicilian: the Aussie Attack

031 4 Erwin l'Ami No Panov - Play an Early Queen Move

039 5 Donaldson and Silman 3.h4 in the Hyper-Accelerated Dragon

051 6 Arthur Kogan The Tarzan Attack

059 7 Jeroen Bosch Making Short Work of the Najdorf

068 8 Adrian Mikhalchishin The Döry Defence

073 9 Glenn Flear Bishops First Please!

080 10 Jeroen Bosch The Chigorin Attack

088 11 Arthur Kogan The Queen's Grünfeld Line (Part I)

097 12 Arthur Kogan The Queen's Grünfeld Line (Part II)

104 13 Adrian Mikhalchishin A Spanish SOS

107 14 Jeroen Bosch The French Advance with 5.. .a6

117 15 Dorian Rogozenko A Slav Surprise

123 16 Sergey Tiviakov Scandinavian with 3...Qd6

135 17 John van der Wiel Caro-Kann with a Slav Touch

143 18 Who is Who? Authors and their Subjects

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