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1.d4 d6 a Universal Weapon Barsky V.201023.00
1.e4 vs The French, Caro Kann and Philidor (Hardcover) Negi Parimarjan201434.99
1.e4 vs The French, Caro Kann and Philidor (Paperback) Negi Parimarjan201429.99
1.Nf3 Opening for White according to Kramnik Volume 4 Khalifman201123.00
1000 TN!! Matanovic A.201139.90
101 Chess Opening Traps Giddins S.199814.50
a ferocious opening repertoire Lakdawala C.201121.00
A Killer Chess Opening repertoire (new edition 2010) Summerscale A.201016.00
a positional Opening repertoire for the club player Kalinichenko N.200723.00
A practical White Repertoire with 1.d4 and 2.c4 Vol.3 The Nimzo Indian and Other Defences Kornev201423.00
A Rock-Solid Chess Opening Repertoire for Black Eingorn V.201218.00
a startling chess Opening Repertoire Baker C.200321.00
A Strategic Chess Opening Repertoire for White Watson J.201221.50
A strategic Opening Repertoire Donaldson J. & Hansen C.200726.95
An Attacking Repertoire for White Collins S.200424.95
An opening repertoire for the attacking player Gufeld E.200420.00
Back to basics: Openings Hansen201019.95
Beating 1.d4 Sidelines (hardcover) Avrukh B.201234.99
Beating 1.d4 Sidelines (softcover) Avrukh B.201229.99
Catastrophe in the Opening Plaskett200520.00
Chess Openings for Black explained (2nd edition) Alburt L., Dzindzichasvili R. & Perelshteyn200924.95
Creative Chess Opening Preparation Eingorn V.20067.50
How to build your Chess Opening Repertoire Giddins S.200318.00
How to Play against 1.d4 Palliser201020.00
Improve your opening play Ward C.200015.00
Mastering Opening Strategy Hellsten J.201222.00
Meeting 1.e4 Raetsky A.200220.00
Opening for White according to Anand 1.e4 Vol. 3 Khalifman023.00
School of Chess Excellence 4: Opening developments Dvoretsky200325.00
School of future champions 2:Secrets of Opening Preparation Dvoretsky M. & Yusupov200725.00
Taming Wild Chess Openings Watson J. & Schiller E.201526.95
The Application of Chess Theory Geller Y200618.00
The greatest Ever Chess Opening ideas Scheerer C.200820.00
The Kaufman Repertoire for Black and White Kaufman L.201228.95
the new old Indian Cherniaev A. & Prokuronov E.201119.00
The Open Games for Black Lysyj I. & Ovetchkin R.201221.00
The World's most Instructive Amateur Game Book Heisman D.201220.00
Understanding the Chess Openings Collins Sam200520.00
Winning Chess Openings Seirawan Y.200320.00

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